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Posted: 28th February 2000

Welcome to edition 12 of the Post.

This week, having been 'out of England', I was interested to read that British Telecom was disrupted on Friday when two of its' computers crashed. The fault hit calls to the National Health Service help-line, the Samaritans, two motoring rescue organisations (just as well I managed to change the flat tyre I found on my return without too many problems!), gas companies, banks, and rail inquiries. So... if you were in despair over your health, bank account or lack of utilities, you couldn't even phone for comfort. Engineers had to work through the night to correct the situation.

Further afield, cyber vandals hit the FBI's web address this week. The bureau, which is currently investigating the disruption of other Internet sites recently, itself became the victim when the hackers shut down its' site for three hours during the week.
Let us hope that they can sort out the problem soon!

On a more promising note, the creation of new magnetic microchips is predicted to lead to more efficient computers and other electronic devices. Cambridge University's new chips store data through tiny magnetic fields, and test versions are up to 40,000 times more efficient than the current chips! Most existing chips can store up to
6.6m transistors in a square millimetre, but this could rise to 250,000m in time.

Another advantage is that magnetic models use far less energy during use. Sounds good to me!

On with the Post then!


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