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Dear AA,

I recently had a new carpet fitted. It is a wonderful deep shaggy pile affair, but has presented me with a few problems! It is so comfortable to walk on that we stopped wearing shoes... then clothes! The whole household has descended into naturism. I have no worries about that... but the neighbours have stopped dropping round for coffee. Should we forego the naturism or the get-togethers?

Sign me,

Nature Boy

Dear Nature Boy,

Who needs face to face get-togethers when you have the luxury of the Internet? Besides, think of the hassle you will no longer have to go through! No more worrying if the brand of coffee is liked, if the cakes and other treats are enjoyed, no worrying about keeping them
entertained or any of that bothersome work. From now on, you will be able to sit around as comfy as you please, chatting away 'till all hours of the night, without the worry of making sure they will leave when you are tired. All you will have to do from now on is push a button and everyone will go away. Think of the power you will now have! BWAHAHAHAHA!!...

Oh, sorry about that, now and again your dear auntie gets a bit carried away with herself. Keep the naturism and forgo the get-togethers.


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