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This week I would like to introduce you to a great researcher named Joanna. Some of you might know about her already, but let me assure you that after this interview you will know more than you ever thought possible. When asked to be interviewed she was a bit nervous but, after a bit of
reassurance that it was not some sort of evil trick, she calmed down and agreed to give it a go. So let us begin...

Joanna resides in Durham, in NE England during term time and Manchester for the holidays. She states that Durham is incredibly beautiful, noting that the cathedral and castle dominate the skyline. She can see both of them from her room, which makes for a fantastic view at night. Compared to Manchester, it is very different. It is a small spot, so she finds herself continually meeting people she knows. Every time she goes back to Manchester
she finds herself spending the first day there thinking
'Wow! This is big!'

She is an only child, never having to share anything, (hhhmmmmmm, can you say spoiled??). She is described as outgoing (usually), assertive, frightfully moody from time to time, argumentative (especially over her list of pet topics) and full of smiles. She enjoys singing in the College Chapel Choir and sang Matins at Durham Cathedral on the 20th February and at
Ripon on 23rd. She also plays the flute, and spends lots of time online.

When not online or singing she is a physics student in her first year. She does plead with us to please not give her the 'PHYSICS STUDENT??!!!! Are you MAD????' look... please... OK, we won't (turns her back to Joanna and gives the look to the wall) Her sleep patterns are quite erratic; she has early lectures every morning, so must get up at 8:00am on weekdays. She always means to go to bed between 11:30 and midnight, but rarely makes it on schedule.

Joanna first honoured us with her presence on Christmas Day, stating that she was hopelessly bored, and tried searching for 'Something interesting' in a number of search engines.
Eventually she found h2g2 from the Microsoft UK directories listed under Comedy... she remembered hearing about it on TV so she popped over and signed right up.

She absolutely loves having her own page to tell everyone about herself. She enjoys being about to get feedback via her page, and also commenting on anything else that she sees. She finds it less daunting than setting up a page on any of the other Web Sites available on the Internet. She also loves the diverse mix of people that gather here, otherwise, she says, she wouldn't keep coming back. In her words;
'Its an amazing place... its actually possible to have a sensible, serious, reasonable conversation, and I enjoy that.'

About the only thing she would change about h2g2, if she could change anything, would be the ability to have more control over which fora she gets reminded about on her page, though. She's just about been here long enough to get conversations which she posted in once 6 weeks ago coming up, and its slightly irritating. She also dislikes the search, and wishes she knew what its priorities were. Of course this is not enough to cure her addiction to h2g2, she still finds herself having to check and see if someone has replied to any of the forums she is in, the whole time (this includes most mornings before her classes). She says that it is very distressing but would rather be addicted to h2g2 than any of the other things she can
think of off the top of her head.

I was curious as to how her donut (doughnut, that's for you Bluebottle) shop came to be and she told me that it was while on the
Beach. She noticed that lots of people seemed to want donuts but there was no one selling them, so she set up her own stall. Bluebottle also thought
it was a good idea and licensed her to sell donuts officially on the beach, except now they get into the donuts/doughnuts spelling row (they have, however, agreed to disagree). Due to donut popularity she hired Eomando as her deputy because she cannot be online the whole time. She delivers, to
Greebo T. Cat most notably, but
also has a menu, for the other researchers who happen by, listing all the delicious donut varieties available. If asked you will find that she is very good about producing surprise donuts on request.

When asked what she would wish for, if she had one wish to make that would come true, she said that, no matter how trite or idealistic it sounded, she would wish to make the world a better
place. I don't know, sounds like a great wish to me!

Joanna's 'SHAMELESS PLUG'... Go get a donut now! You know you want to... visit the menu at A254378 and don't forget to stop by and visit So Long and Thanks for Laughing


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