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Posted: 10th April 2000

I can really envy Shazz moving away to live in Holland.

But then the British weather does it's usual trick of surprising you. This last week has switched between being horrendously wet and gloriously sunny. But as I write this it's dark, so it doesn't really matter.

It's been a strange week news ways. Over in one of the African countries the new president is turning a blind eye to ex rebels seizing farm land from the white farmers. This could be a really tricky situation, mostly because the English government has seen fit to interfere. I suppose it should in a way, if only because the ex rebels are using the threat of force and violence. Without that, I personally would be completely on their side of that argument. But as a wise man once said,
'Once you bring violence into a debate, you have lost the argument and the respect of your men.'

I have no idea who said that, but I think that it's one of the great
all time quotes.

Over in America, the row seems to be flaring up around that poor little Cuban lad again. Many years from now that kid is going to look back on his life and wonder if there was anything he could have done to have changed anything, but with him there isn't. It all seems to be out of his control. I don't have a stand on this one. In one way it would be better for him to stay in America, as it's supposed to be a better quality of life. But in another way it would be better for him to go back to Cuba with his father. Forgive me for this little rant here, but surely the quality of life in America that is supposed to be better for him is purely from a materialistic viewpoint? Don't get me wrong, I think I would rather live in America than I would Cuba, but most of all I'd rather live with my folks. Has anyone asked the kid? Without the promise of material goods?

I'm also supposed to be putting in a permanent link to the
Obituaries column, which I will
do as soon as I have a bit more time. But at the moment I'm busy trying to organise my wedding so expect to see this cut and pasted over the next few weeks.

(The Power of back-editing sees it done now!... shazz!)

But that is more than enough from me. Thank you to all who wrote into us this week with articles, please keep sending them in. An absence from the Post this week is Wowbagger. He's provided at least one excellent cartoon per week ever since the Post was launched, and is taking this week off due to other commitments, I believe he's gone out enjoying himself.


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