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Every day a number of newly approved entries are recommended on the h2g2 Main Page... These go by unnoticed to most users as they focus around their own page. This weekly article points out and reviews the ten most entertaining and interesting entries of the week, as far as I'm concerned anyway. My tastes do not reflect yours in any way and feel free to have completely different ideas from mine, it is after all a free country.

  • Cat Food Your cats clawing your legs to bits and making a noise like it's dying. Yep, the walking food
    bag is hungry again. Read all about that vile smelling stuff it wants so badly in this entry.

  • How Soap Works New age travellers need not read this entry. But if like me your contact with soap is not an
    annual event you may like to know how it gets your clothes clean and gets last weeks dinner thats welded onto the dishes off.

  • Black Sabbath A fairly comprehensive history of the legendary band. Even if your not a fan it still makes
    for interesting reading.

  • Mobile Phone Emissions Very topical at the moment this one. Is your mobile slowly cooking your brain? Will you become the next Zaphod and grow another head? A good entry that isn't out to scare you and dispells a lot of the media myths.

  • Secrets of Successful Roadtrips If you spend a lot of time driving this will provide you with a few pointers to help your trip run more smoothly.

  • Matches The story of the humble match and it's various stages of evolution.

  • The Raspberry A brief section on the fruit but most of this entry concentrates on the other type of
    raspberry... the one that you blow. The raspberry can be used mainly as a lame insult or a sign of disgust, however I wouldn't dream of blowing one at this entry.

  • The Tree and it's Uses Look outside. Now unless you live in a concrete jungle the chances are you can see a tree. Now as any monkey will tell you trees are very useful and do more that dump a ton of leaves on your lawn every fall. So get out the chainsaw and read some uses for our leafy friends.

  • Studyhall Activities Just what do students get up to in that free period? Certainly not studying thats for sure. Read up on studyhall etiquette and be the best in the class.

  • Trekkers What's the difference between a trekkie and a trekker? Not got clue... well read this and it will all become logical.


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