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Garibaldi... A man of many hats.

I began my questioning by asking Garibaldi about where he grew up, his family and work. I discovered that he was born in a small township called Atherton, in Queensland Australia. He lived in Townsville, QLD Australia for about 18 years (lived in places before but too young to remember) with his parents (who have been married for close to 31 years) and 2 older sisters. Garibaldi has one niece and no nephews. His whole family knows that he is gay, and none have a problem, which has made him closer to them, even though he lives in Melbourne now, and they are 3000 kms away. As for his work, he is a computer programmer with a company that looks after the telephone directories in Australia. He have been working there for 6 months now and even has a chance to go over seas with work which just thrills him to death.

Just how did the great Garibaldi find h2g2 and what are his thoughts on it now that he is here. Well, we will start by telling you that he found his way to h2g2 by accident. He has always been a HUGE Sci-Fi fan, and has loved Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. He visited the Starship Titanic website, and well TDV sent him an email and that he didn't read for a month or so, just as he was about to delete it he decided to see what the fuss was about and has been hooked ever since. He loves how he has been able to make so many Net friends, to find people have similar interests to him, and that he has been able to write something that is 'Hitchhikers' material.

After taking it easy on him I decided to make the questions a bit harder by asking him if there was anything about h2g2 that he would like to see changed. To my surprise he brought in 'Garibaldi Corp.' to take over on this question (guess the pressure was just too much for him to handle on his own). After a bit of coaxing he decided to go ahead and answer on his own by telling me that he would love to be able to make it to where he could change his email. Seems that he has some trouble changing his email address on h2g2 and would love to have better luck at it.

My next question about his best and worst experience at h2g2 was apparently much easier on him as I did not see that same look of
a 'deer caught in the headlights' on his face. Garibaldi finds the best thing about our site the ability to feel comfortable about coming out to complete strangers. The worst experience he has had so far was when the Scouts told him off about his article, which made light humour of the 'Movement'. He was still a Scout at the time and was annoyed by some of the replies and to see that Scouts don't have any fun.

Like most of you I was quite curious as to how the Garibaldi business which has been such a great help in many forums came into being. He thought for a moment and then told me that as best he can recall it came about the time of the 'Garibaldi's Cattle Craft Airlines' trip. There may have been one or two things before then but he remembers that it was such a huge success for 'Garibaldi Corp.' that they went on with further adventures.

Garibaldi has provided us with many wonderful adventures including air trips, car trips (try fitting darn near 30 people into a 4 seater and see how you go, it was a nightmare LOL!!). Of course there is currently a huge boat cruise on which includes Coelacanth entertaining us with her attempt to swim up Niagara Falls. Currently Garibaldi is considering a train trip for his next adventure and maybe a trip to Antarctica sometime before or afterwards. He does want me to make sure to let everyone know that he is more well known for his HUGE parties (not anymore LOL!! you just thought you were crowded before hehe!!)

Lastly I allowed Garibaldi to speak freely and he wanted to give a big THANK-YOU to everyone on h2g2 who have taken the time to reply to some of his serious journal entries. He says that with their replies he has been able to get his life on track. h2g2 has also helped him to come out on the net which in turn has enabled him to be more open about his life. Also, Garibaldi wanted to tell you that he is a huge Sci-Fi fan and in fact has been involved in setting up a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgener Sci-Fi group in Melbourne called, Spaced Out. You can find it at [url removed by moderator]. Do take a few moments to stop by and check it out, I am sure that if Garibaldi is involved in it that it is fantastic!


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