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Welcome everyone. I have been afforded a great opportunity today, thanks to the lovely Monsy. This is my first attempt at journalism, so please bear with me. :-)

It has long been the desire of Monkey Boy, and myself, to spread the love vibe throughout the universe. The only difficulty was that love is sometimes elusive, intangible. We thought that maybe, if people could actually see it, if it was a concrete substance, people could find love everywhere. This dream became reality a few weeks ago. While we were relaxing at the beer pool, we noticed blue fumes swirling around us. We could see and feel the love all around us. There was peace and calm and happiness enveloping us.

Since there was an abundance of empty bottles in the vicinity, we decided to bottle the love. The bottles seemed to just fill themselves up, without any effort on our part. The more you drank from the bottles, the more they filled up again. Monkey Boy and I started to leave bottles all over h2g2. Some people gladly accepted the love, while some resisted. We have high hopes that, in time, everyone will see the beauty of love. Please, give it a try. :-)

I love everything.


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