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Posted: 24th April 2000

Do any of you fancy seeing the birth of an elephant calf?

This event is due to be broadcast live on the internet by 'Zurich Zoo' Interested surfers can register their names and be informed by email or the phone as soon as anything starts to happen! Go HERE

The worlds' largest game of Tetris is currently being played down the side of a 12-storey university building in the USA. Students at Brown University have transformed their science building into a giant version of the game using over 10,000 lights. The game can be played by bystanders and is visible from several miles away. The object of this endeavour is to beat the current record holders, Dutch students, and make it into the Guiness Book of Records.

Meanwhile... at the other extreme of science... a Russian company will launch satellites into space from rockets dropped out of planes in the year 2003. The revolutionary system is being developed by 'Air Launch Corp' and a dozen other companies based in Russia and the Ukraine. The rockets containing the satellites will be released from the worlds' biggest plane... the 'AN-124-AL' at a height of 10KM. They comment that it will be much cheaper then the surface launch method currently used!

UK e-commerce is loooking to outstrip the USA with regards to growth. Thanks mainly to the interest of women! A recent report indicates that three women to every two men are signing up for net access... Girl Power Rules! LOL

In Real Life, model Honor Fraser appears to be looking at a tennis player rather then at his strokes! She is quoted as saying that:
'Andre Agassi has the makings of a Calvin Klein knickers model'

So THAT'S where she's looking!

Ever filled in a road accident report form? I had the pleasure of doing one when my car was caught in the Easter Floods in Northampton two years ago. Of course, I deliberately drove my car into 5 foot of water at three am! At least I didn't make the mistake that MP Andrews from Ukfield, Sussex did when he filed his sheet! He is quoted as writing:
'At 10.15am on April 1st I was going slowly round the bend...'

We have all been there Mr Andrews!

Right, I have rambled enough for this week, so I will just wish the forthcoming launch of the 'Atlantis' all the best... and leave you in peace to read this edition!


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