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Dear Agony Aunt,

I am having terrible problems with animals this Easter. I though that it would be a good idea to buy some chicks and bunnies, and hide them around the garden for my children to hunt. I woke up early this morning, however, and found piles of feathers and clumps of fur scattered all around the garden! The shops are closed so I can't replace them with chocolate Easter Eggs.

What do you suggest I do??!!

Sign me,


Dear Distraught,

Oh my stars! This is terrible! You poor dear. It was such a sweet thought; I am saddened to hear that it went badly. Do not fret though, I am sure that together we can come up with a solution for your darlings so that they do not go without this Easter. With a bit of quick action you can gather up the fur and feathers and carry them away to be transformed into lovely Easter surprises for your little ones. What you do is grab your glue from the utility drawer, a few straws from the cabinet and some paper from the drawing room. Once you have gathered these items place them out on the kitchen table. Begin by covering the straws in glue and rolling them in the feathers and fur. After you have finished with the straws, set them aside
while you begin working on the paper part of your project. Take the paper and begin cutting it into cute egg shapes. When you have finished, place a spot of glue on one end of the straw and attach it to the egg shaped papers. Once this has dried go out into your yard and place them around as egg flowers in the garden. When your little ones wake up they can pick the flowers and make lovely arrangements with them. With the fur and feathers attached to the straws you will not have to explain the mess that was there earlier, it would look as if it was all part of the plan and they will be none the wiser.


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