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The Doughnuts are Not Enough is the H2G2 Bond movie, which is currently being filmed on various locations within H2G2. And as it was reviewed in the H2G2 Post of 31 January I decided to write this entry to further add to the enjoyment of all reseachers for ease of access to the whole story and the cast.

For starters here is the tracking system for the scipt, as we are filming on location all the time we tend to jump between articles every time we shift the forum. In the words of Q(RIP) "Do try and keep up 007".

Scene one is a mountain side not unlike Mt. Sandcastle. Where the opening scene is filmed as a ski sequence. Before the opening credits kick in.
Scene Two finds our cast at the Forum and Firkin where our hero is about to order a Vodka Martini Shaken not stirred before he sees the clientele.
Scene 3 finds JB and Eomando visiting Q(RIP) Section for the oblicitary gadget scene with R, who bares a vague resemblance to a Hotel Proprietor from Torquay.
Scene 4 Unfortunately bond has already written off the Aston Martin and when they attempt to hitch a lift Bluebottle takes Eomando off to the Aroma Cafe, where he launches into a sileoquey of Shakespearian proportions.
Scene 5 JB and Eomando take a suspicious looking acorn to Q section for analysis.
Scene 6 a casino just who is behind that curtain, and why is the dark strangers car blown up?
Scene 7 the escape through the kitchens.
Scene 8 the streets and river of Prague watch out for the Pyrotechnics.
Scene 9 Volk and Iwan the midget have kidnapped Eomando to a secret hideout in an sawmill. Beware of falling logs. Who is that hippy emerging from the trees?
Scene 10 Val d'Esere in the French Alps, notice the sawmill in the valley.
Scene 11 Off for the Airport Scene in another Aston Martin and a Ford Mustang S1MLPOST. Bond, Leiter and Eomando are off in search of the Heart of Oak Artificial Limb Company a division of Grey Wolf Industries. Just what is the link to Volk?
Scene 12A Wharf in San Francisco on which the Heart of Oak Artificial Limb Company, a Division of Grey Wolf Industries stands, our heros are getiing close to the answer. Did someone mention the Donut that dare not speak its name?
Scene 13The Captive Bond scene, but can Volk hold Bond for long.
Scene 14 in the lounge. Leibe tries to get info out of Eomando.
Scene 15 The Old Volk's [sic] home.
Scene 16 Bluebottle's Top Secret Hideout
Scene 17 A yacht in Perth Harbour
Scene 18 return to Q Section
Scene 19 Moonbase

The Cast

The cast includes Demon Drawer as Ian Fleming's James Bond,
Eomando as Bond Girl,
Dancing Ermine,Irving Washington as R the gadget man, and as the villians Bluebottle out of the Bloefeld mould and
Joanna, Paul Prefect who is finding the dark side dangerous is for an actor young, Garius Lupus the two combine for the role of Seriy Volk. Plus various cameo performances.Full Cast List will follow shortly

The theme song was written by Sumogirl.

The Fanclub membership.

001 Paul Prefect

002 The Cheese

003 007

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