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The Musemother LOVES YOU!!!!.. BUT!!! She is also VERY BUSY.

Yes. So busy that, until further notice, she has to encourage prospective muses to turn away from applying to be muses. It's unfortunate, but it's REAL LIFE just now. I hate relaying such sour news.

But prospective and current muses are ENCOURAGED to enjoy what the Musehome has to offer, and use the Roster as a resource for inspiration!!! YAY!!!

Now, if you muses and researchers feel like thanking Dragonfly, please do so by being good to each other!!!

Welcome to the H2G2 Community of Muses. Many of us at H2G2 are artists of sorts, or we claim to be creative geniuses. Whatever our artistic bent, our attitude is given due recognition here, and our services are available to all.


We deliver with the Speed of Hermes. Musehome Embassy and Hermes Messenger Service Center Do drop by when you have a surprise package or a love letter to send off, and please consider applying for a job...


Anyone in need of a clean toga will be relieved to know that we have a Toga Dry Cleaners, offering a free slice of cheesecake to anyone dropping their clothes on Wednesdays(Doesn't that sound naughty!??)!!!

"Newly" Open to the Populace

As of the new year, 2003, March Hare has completed The Inspiration Spa.............................And the rest is old news, and I'm lazy!!!!! Dragonfly needs to get her wings in gear and open Thalia's School of Comedy... As of December 2001, Dragonfly has finally revised Terpsichore Dance Hall and opened it to the populace. Dance away your holiday blues under the strobelights and bubble machines!!!!

A Musehome Art Gallery is beginning to be housed AT the Musehome!!! Inspired by Encapsulated Life Pod Number 3's post of multiple sheep and one cat smiley, we open the "Many Sheep and One Cat" exhibition, in the Furry Creature Wing of our Musehome Art Gallery. This fine exhibition features the work of Marijin, Clelba, Life Pod Number 3, Paul H and others... we hope you contribute your smiley art as well!!!

Inspirations and Sister Communities

This Musehome is inspired by h2g2's Guardian Angels

~We are proud to be a sister community to Musicians Guild Member the h2g2 Musicians Guild which is a vital club for musicians, singers, composers, and other music aficionados at h2g2.

~We are also a sister community to the H2G2 Choral Society.

Guild and Choral Society members will be performing at and attending virtual concerts at our Liberal Arts Venues, Uterpe Concert Hall for Woodwinds and Calliope Stage

~We are also a sister community to the free nation of Ecalpemos, created by the muse Pheloxi, and as big as your imagination.

~We are also affiliated with The H2G2 Astronomy Society.
Kindly Visit Them.

~The Monster University(of h2g2) is most welcome to many of our Musehome facilities. Chiron, the centuar, is the headmaster. Any monsters you know and love would benefit from this university, which seeks to better the lives of monsters on h2g2 and help them find a proper place in the world of h2g2.

~The Battles of the Gods can be experienced at Mount Olympus, Home of the Gods and Haven of Zeus, the Father of the Muses(and run by his son Apollo). Fun in many godly ways is to be had at the only other known h2g2 site run on place as Greek Mythology Power.

Another inspiration, and a Muse to the Muses, The Willem Love Collective, reminds us to keep loving one another. This is an identity of many existing researchers who spread love and help us not forget how much love there is for all of us to share.

Choose your own Museship, and then make yourself at home

Become a muse yourself... Choose your own field of Museship. Hopefully it is still free. Understand you will have to remain only a PROSPECTIVE MUSE until Dragonfly can get to responding to your post. This unfortunately may take months and months. Please don't get your hopes up.

If your desired Museship is music-related, please be sure to drop by The Musician's Guild as well!!!

***Links to your userpage from the Musehome Roster are mandatory, as I will need to keep all muses updated on Musenews, time providing!!!!...***

Let the Muses For Hire Inspire You!!!

If we can do anything for you, please ask... Visit the Musehome Roster to see our complete list of Muses, and rules regarding Museship.

And most Muse-related questions can be answered by
Dragonfly, Muse of Song and Dance(Musemother, although there are many helpful muses who can usually give you the answer before she gets to it!!! Thank Zeus for their help...)

Please ask your questions using her e-mail in order to guarantee a reply. The address is at the top of her userpage.

Come!!! Visit!!! Enjoy!!!

We have a page exclusively for Societies, Sites and Services Run by Muses
If you are a muse not mentioned on this page, let me know!!!

We also have a page of links that are valuable to an inspired researcher, whether or not you are a muse:Inspire Fire

Jobs Available

Hermes Messenger Service needs patrons Oh. Messengers wouldn't hurt either.

I am also seeking a muse who would like to improve upon the Inspire Fire page....

Inspire the Musehome!!!!

It is wonderful when muses create their own unique additions to the Musehome. As long as your guide entry is muse or Greek mythology related, and has a kind bent to it, it will probably be included as part of our growing Musehome. Muses are open to many inspirations.

The following are some inspirations by muses other than the Musemother:

St. Jeremy has created the Muses' Campfire, which lies on the quiet side of Urania's Observation Tower and Balcony. Do sit by the ever-crackling fire and join in some song and toasted marshmallows!!! Yes, it's summer year-round!!!

The Musehome Bakery has been established by Englander. The ovens are made of Lego. Watch Cheesecake being made. Let the Musehome Bakery warm your Heart. And admire those buns!!!

Another wonderful page that you will most likely wish to share with others has been created by Pheloxi, creator of elcapemos. He gives us the Original Musehome T-shirt. Most A-muse-ing!!!!

Muse aka has established the Cheesecake and Chocolate Milk Appreciation Society

Tour of Our Home

If you have ideas for what should be here, Dragonfly would appreciate them. Please submit your suggestions to her e-mail box. A link to her address is at the top of her userpage, thanks!!!!

Hear the woodwinds at the Uterpe Concert Hall, where all musicians are invited to rehearse.

Leaf through pages at the Clio's Library of History while enjoying the perpetually free supply of cookies and punch. You will also find a very unique Clio's Hall of Bathroom History and Hatifnat's Cactus Study Garden.

My stars!!! Have you seen Urania's Astronomy Observation Tower and Balcony?

St. Jeremy has created the Muses' Campfire, on the quiet side of Urania's Observation Tower and Balcony. The fire keeps crackling and the scary stories keep evolving...

Welcoming Lovers of Lyrics and Lovers of Love:Church of Erato

Stop by for a drink and some godly gossip at the Bar Bacchus. OTHER bars just give you a bland menu of their drinks. We provide a WHEEL OF MULTIPLE CHOICE which you are most welcome to H2G2="F52632?Give a Turn to help you decide on just the right drink... it can also be used for making other important life decisions. Play pool, Love your Legos, or use our pair of dartboards, which began the Musehome Dart Team.

Enter our magical venue, Calliope Stage, where you can play any instrument you find within. we are always looking for new or ancient talent to perform here. Be inspired!!!

Polyhymnia Speech Hall is the muses' soapbox, lecture hall, and discussion haven. We also hold auctions here, in order to raise money to build a school for little muses everywhere. The Greek Nine Awards will be held here.

"Truly Inspired Food" can be found at the Iris Cafe. With its colorful atmosphere and unique menu, this is a location well worth visiting. Muses are encouraged to contribute to the menu. Tennis fans will discover a wonderful Wimbleton Menu from Witty Ditty. The Iris Cafe is the proud home of Shea's award-winning hotdog stand.

Let the Hermes Messanger Service Center care for all of your important packages and messages. Hermes Messanger Service. Delivering at the Speed of Hermes.

Anyone in need of a clean toga will be relieved to know that we have a Toga Dry Cleaners, offering a free slice of cheesecake to anyone dropping their clothes on Wednesdays(Doesn't that sound naughty!??)!!!

The Musehome Bakery has been established by Englander. The ovens are made of Lego. Watch the magic of Cheesecake being made.

Terpsichore Dance Hall welcomes all dancers. Dance away any muse blues(tell me that muses don't get the blues!!!) under the strobelights and bubble machines!!!!

Need to relax? Inspired by the idea of a refreshing, quiet place? March Hare has completed The Inspiration Spa, a beautiful, inviting part of the Musehome.

Is there something wonderful you have done as a Muse!?? Let us know here:Muse Achievements. Think of this as the kitchen refrigerator. When muses have an important message for other muses, or if they want to show off "good grades" and artwork, it is brought to our attention here!!!

Other pages are under blueprint: Melpomene Theatre, Thalia's School of Comedy, and a sportscenter-- Olympus Colloseum is a working name... are you inspired with any ideas!??... Please share!!!

Final Song and Dance from Dragonfly

I look forward to anyone who wants to drop a line or an idea here. Please be patient with my response; I try to reply with the speed of Hermes...

Thanks to all for dropping by.

Happy Musings in all you do--

From the Muse of Song and Dance,

Your loving Dragonfly

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