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First of all, have some cookies and punch.

No doubt you may need a map for this researcher's and reader's paradise!!! Here is most everything to make you happy: an endless supply of cookies and punch, as well as a Hall of Bathroom History(complete with nice, state-of-the-art bathrooms, and a colorful Kaktus Area Study Garden, courtesy of Muse Hatifnat!!!
Step up to the Haiku Challenge of Muse Sad, Mad or Bad?!!!!!
Every text is available to you, from a dictionary of Classical Mythology and an original draft of the Bible(still in Latin) to the Complete Dictionary of The BEATLES.

This only begins your journey into what's-what-according-to-who's-who.

Of course, you can read just for secular purposes, and one can find a kind version of Beowulf, Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales", Arthurian Tales, and many of Shakespeare's Sonnets in our British Literature Section...

If Eastern Thought is more suiting to your tastes, you are welcome to browse through Herman Hesse's "Siddhartha", many books that explain Buddhism and Taoism, as well as "The Tao of Pooh"...

Quick Picks

This Section is meant to be based on Muse Suggestion of great literary sites to visit:
Ottox suggests: Book A Minute
Dragonfly offers: The Literary Book of Answers
Kasia beckons visitors to the official homepage of John Irving("Cider House Rules", "Hotel New Hampshire", "Garp")--"Read an interview with him," she encourages.
Titania recommends as a gold mine of classical poetry, and paints us into a literary Poetry Corner.

Peet recommends [URL removed by moderator, broken link], a collection of speech MP3s, from magazine articles to the readings of Shakespeare

But what of Biographies!??

But of course we have biographies!!! Don't be silly!!! And autobiographies!!! We even have a few collections of letters written by authors, particularly Emily Dickinson, Rilke, and Douglas Adams...

Music Books!???

Well, many a novel and poem has used music in its many forms as an inspiration for its conception, or as a reference; allegorically or simply to relate better to readers. We do have a selection of music lesson books here, but these are of the frail kind, originals that members of The Musician's Guild will often be found mulling over and studying. These are not meant to be used for recreation. Sorry for the inconvienence.

Libral Arts Section

True to the Musehome, all libral arts are represented here. The Odessy, The Iliad, and works by Socrates, Eurypides, Sophocles, and others can be uncovered here.

Final Note

Please do not write in the books. Please do not write on the tables. Please do not write on each other(it's known to start a terrific fit of giggles). Please, however, read, and enjoy yourself...


This Library is used by students of Monster University.

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