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Welcome to Monster University!

A pink and gold dragon on an inkpot

Established to meet the education and rehabilitative needs of
H2G2 monsters.

located at the beautiful H2G2 Water Works: The Sewers, our University is housed in Spacious neo-lithic caverns. There is a dormitory for young monsters, precided over by Echinea, the Mother of the Monsters, of grecian lore.Classes are held in the caverns, with special classes and workshops available
throughout H2G2.

Why not enroll at
   Monster University   

Headmaster Chiron and staff will school your monster, tailoring the curriculum to meet his/her/its' individual needs. Boarding, Tech degrees and counselling are made available.

There are no bad smiley - monsters, only misunderstood ones.

be an Alma Monster! Get an education you can sink your teeth into!

board of regents:

A fairy falling into a pot of ink; another fairy writing on a piece of parchment paper

Instruction provided by

smiley - monstersmiley - starsmiley - starsmiley - monstercoming soon, dept. of sciences/mathsmiley - monstersmiley - yikessmiley - monster

now offered are degrees in the following:


Unicorns and a fairy tale

Requirements: Complete and submit one of the following

  1. Write a guided entry on any of the subjects below ghostwriting,Literature,Research,Library Sciences, Sculpting,Art(Painting),Music,Dance
  2. Post at least twice on threads featuring the above mentioned arts.
  3. Read and post comments on 2 guided entries dealing with the arts.

Bachelor of Computer Sciences-

Mouse mats


  1. Post to a conversation about Computer Sciences
  2. Spiff up your user page. Guide ML and HMTL tags (That H2G2 supports) must be used. Dancer may award Bachelors and Masters degree for advanced techniques found on your user space.
  3. Join any Computer-related forum.

Bachelor Of Criminology


  1. be a member of C.H.O.P.P.E.R.S, or any other Law Enforcement-related club
  2. Talk to Dancer.

A green and scary monster

Technical and work-related Cetrificates available apon consultation with one of the Instructors. Simply request or suggest your chosen certificate and we'll tailor the requirements to meet your monster's needs. Most researchers will find that they already qualify for one or more degree/certificate.

A mermaid wearing an orange turban and playing the flute underwater

Remember-The university is geared to help smiley - monsters assume their rightful place in the peaceful society that is H2G2. In this context, a monster may engage in aggressive actions against humans and other researchers, if justified, but must, under no circumstances, consume one.

Let all smiley - monsters take take their example from
St. Emily Ultramarine, our first graduate, holder of the prestigious Master's degree in Literature and the head of our Literature Department. A smiley - monster worth emulating.

sign supplied by Bluebottle

Places to go

smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley -

just click on the smileys below, and you're there.

Hang out at the Iris Cafesmiley - link here or visit the Bakerysmiley - link here

Clio's Library of History should be helpful to our students
smiley - link here

Hermes' Messenger Service is available to you for all your messenger needs!smiley - link here

Let's try the Terpsichore Dance Hall smiley - link here

Thalia's School of Comedy is on campus!... smiley - link here

Welcome our newest smiley - students

  • Ugrag the Gnasher, Created by Mystrunner. This worthy is at present enrolled in Dancer's Crimonology Program. With great daring, he has completed 2 tasks and earned his Associate degree. Now working towards his masters...
  • Oto's Monster, created by Otto He is waiting confirmation of his Bachelor's degree in Literature. Otto's Monster comes to us with quite an impressive resume.
  • Sir Culdasac, Professor of Monkey Management. Every smiley - ought to have a monkey, cause a monkey is a smiley - 's best friend.
  • Friendlywithteeth,, working on his bachelor's degree in smiley - philosophy.("I squash, therefore, I am!")
  • May Quiet smiley - ,Created by Pheloxi, who requested help for the poor thing.He's a nice monster, except when you awaken him... Now in dance therapy, and working towards anger management...
  • Chad smiley - ,(created by Stu) assoc. degree in song writing. This 18 year old, 4 armed, 4 legged monster plays the guitar and is interested in a degree in computer programming.

Announcing a new department, now being created: Monster Geology and Social Implications.

Proposed by Friendlywithteeth, the syllabis would include such subjects as

Development: ways of providing for the world's monsters

Pressures: is it possible to provide for monsters, without humans [shudders] noticing?

Globalisation: the effects of monsters being able to get in touch with one another.

Read his entry on the subject;It's worth a read!

It's up for Peer Review! Congradulations, Friendlywithteeth!

smiley -

And try out the Gift Shop , run by Dragonfly

Friendylwithteeth did, and now he wears his new slippery monster uni hoodie and shirt with pride!smiley -

Please to announce a new member: Hushpaw, Associated Professor of Lycanthropic Studies Please contact him for all your were needs.

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