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Monster University, Eh?

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So, is it a university for monsters, or a university for monster studies?

I don't need to study 'em, but....well, I'm something of a monster...

Monster University, Eh?

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Dragonfly. "A poet can survive everything but a misprint"-- Oscar Wilde

It is a university for monsters. But of course, all students benefit from studying their own culture... smiley - winkeye

What kind of monster are you!??

Monster University, Eh?

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Oh, that changes from time to time....generally whatever fits the storyline best.

Water-based, telekinetic. It's all on my user space for my current incarnation, and it's all in a Guide Entry that I penned for my old incarnation. There'll probably be at least one more incarnation before I'm done.

In general, my backstory involves me being created by Minos Krylma, leader of STUMPED and arch-enemy of Afgncaap5. But who knows how that'll alter over time?

smiley - fish

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