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The Musemother LOVES YOU!!!!... The Musemother LOVES YOU!!!!...... BUT!!! She is also VERY BUSY.

Yes. So busy that, until further notice, she has to encourage prospective muses to turn away from applying to be muses. It's unfortunate, but it's REAL LIFE just now. I hate relaying such sour news.

But prospective and current muses are ENCOURAGED to enjoy what the Musehome has to offer, and use the Roster as a resource for inspiration!!! YAY!!!

Now, if you muses and researchers feel like thanking Dragonfly, please do so by being good to each other!!!

Before asking to be a muse, please understand what is asked of you....

1) Cheesecake and Chocolate Milk ARE the food and drink of the Muses, respectively. You do not have to consume either, as you may not have the stomach for such divine sustenance. Do NOT treat chocolate milk or cheesecake in a blasphemous manner.

2) We like to meet new people. It is required that you put a link to the Musehome on your userpage, to help direct new friends to our community(a sign of recognition, not recruitment). In brief, you can achieve this by Copying(Ctrl+C) and Pasting(Ctrl+V) The following into your userpage when you have the editing page at the ready!!!....:


Be sure that you are using GuideML... you can select it underneath the white window you write in for your userpage... YAY!!!

3)Because we ARE a community, it is expected that you take part in activities around the Musehome in order to maintain the title of Muse. You can study at Clio's Library of History, be a bar fly at Bar Bacchus, join in exciting auctions at the Polyhymnia Speech Hall, share a lunch at the Iris Cafe, or creep into any Musehome conversation or thread. Some activity is required, making it clear that you didn't come just for a title.

4) As of September sixth, 2001, I have had to add another rule: Those Muses who attack other Muses or any part of the Musehome will be ex-communicated. Those who threaten to attack fellow Muses(unless they agree to friendly battle elsewhere on h2g2) or any part of the Musehome will do Musehome Community Service, even if such threats are made in jest. Those muses who misbehave(who are naughty) will also be given Musehome Community Service duties. Most often, those duties will be discussed among muses at Polyhymnia Speech Hall. I don't like this rule, but you MUST respect each other and Musehome property if you want to live up to the title of Muse.

5) Do to the events of August, 2002, I have had to add another rule: I am VERY BUSY now, so if you want to be a muse, please make yourself at home and choose a Museship if yours has not been taken already. However, you can only be a PROSPECTIVE MUSE until I can get to contacting you and then updating the Musehome Roster, which might take months. So PLEASE SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT THIS. You'll have to use a lot of patience. Please don't have your hopes up higher than Mount Olympus. Bless your hearts. Again, I'm sorry I don't have the time I used to!!!!

Our List of Muses

Dragonfly has proudly presented and updated this New Musehome Roster for June of 2001.

Some Muses also proudly present Societies, Sites, and Services Offered By Muses. This is recognised by the SSS at the end of their Museship Title.

Please see below list for information on applying for a Museship or updating this Roster in any way.

I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE MUSE OFActorsAll Things FishyAlternative ExpressionsAnagramsAnnoying OptimismArrogant Self WorshipArtistsAstral delightsBad GirlsBad PoetryBartendingBassoonistsBluesBondageCeramic Moo-MakersCoffee, Ciggys, and Bad PoetryComediansComplex User PagesConfusionCreative Work AvoidanceCute and CuddlyDancing DucksDarknessDeathDeath by ChocolateDilettantism Multiple ArtsDinner jacketsDoodling (not scribbling)DreamsElephantsErotic PoetryEvil DoingsFancy FootwearFlamenco DanceFlights of FancyFlying HorsesFlying pig'sForbidden LoreFree KicksFrogsFungi SoldiersGratuitous SarcasmGreat DessertsHangoversHappy Thoughts and Weird ScienceHarmless CactusHockey and ComicsHome Brewing and RecordingHonourable DeathHorses and Self DoubtHot SexImbittered RantsIndolent StudentsInebrietyInsomniaInterdisciplinary InquiryInteresting Facial HairLateral Programming IdeasLemon-GardenLost SoulsListening to Old LPsLoud Guitar SolosMad Science and Holistic DetectingMayhemMelancholy and Art LegoMessMusical thoughtsNerdsNew YorkersOld swimming strokesOrigamiPerfectionPoetryPolyphonic WritingPork pie'sPost It NotesProcrastinating NovelistsPuns and PoniesPutting Things OffRantingReal AleRebellious MusiciansThe Red DragonRhetoric and PontificationSalon Style Argentine TangoSci-FiShort Attention SpansShovelingSong and DanceUnfinished FictionWaterfowlWorld DominationWritingThe code for this listThe code for Volunteer listsDragonfly, Muse of Song and Dance, Founder of the Musehome
RedFish, Muse of Evil Doings and Kitchen Appliances,SSS
Kristina, Muse of the FLAMEnco Dance,SSS
Peet, Muse of Lateral Programming Ideas
Bob, Muse of Loude Guitare Soloes
Alien, Muse of Shoveling
NexusSeven, Muse of Dreams
Dr. E. Vibenstein, Muse of Anagrams
Joe, aka Arnia, Muse of Writing, SSS
Joanna, Muse of Darkness,SSS
Technoyokel, Muse of Poetry
Vince, Muse of Anoying Optomism
Witty Moniker, Muse of Needlework
Mina, Muse of Bondage,SSS
Xyroth, Muse of Technomages
The Jester, Muse of Comedians
Titania, Muse of Confusion,SSS
Ottox, Muse of Listening to Old LP-records,SSS
Kasia, Muse of Classic Goo Fans,SSS
Afgncaap5, Muse of Mad-Science and Holistic Detecting
Tinkerbell, Muse of Post-It Notes and Sparkly Things,SSS
Tashalls, Muse of Flights of Fancy
Pegasus, Muse of Puns and Ponies, SSS
St. Seven of Nine, Muse of Perfection
Archangel Fashion Cat, Muse of Indolent Students
Archangel Galaxy Babe, Muse of Astral Delights,SSS
Goshoogoshoogosh, Muse of Putting Things Off Until Another Time
Kumentanzuka, Muse of aLtErNaTive expressiOn,SSS
Hatifnat, Muse of Mostly Harmless Cactus and Other Friendly Houseplants,SSS
MaW, Muse of Dancing Ducks
Marc, Muse of Blues and Activities That People Think are Dangerous or Unpleasant but Really Aren't
The Fish, Muse of All Things Fishy
Englander, Muse of Home-brewing and Recording,SSS
Asteroid Lil, Muse of Horses and Self-Doubt,SSS
Broelan, Muse of Unfinished Fiction
Amy t, Muse of Procrastinating Novelists
Cafram, Muse of Flying Pigs and Pie Throwing
Sergeant Mushroom, Muse of Fungi Soldiers
Sad, mad or bad?, Muse of Bad Poetry, SSS
KC, Muse of Actors,
Killer Queen, Muse of Polyphonic Writing
GinTonyx, Muse of the Lemon-Garden
Shea the Sarcastic, Muse of New YorkersSSS
Uncle Heavy, Muse of Interesting Facial Hair
Chesebeth, Muse of Sci-Fi and Tactical Soft Fruit Assaults
Clelba, Muse of Ceramnic Moo-Makers, SSS
Acidbath, Muse of Insomniacs
Elly, Muse of Care and Untidyness, SSS
Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality, Muse of Complicated User Pages and Navel Contemplation
Zalisander, Muse of Mayhem
Evil One, Muse of Oragami
Dunky, Muse of Hangovers, Groaning Quietly and trying Not to Move Too Fast, SSS
Jeremy, Muse of Dinner Jackets, Handmade Music, and Campfires
Researcher 170714 Tabitca, Muse of Musical Thoughts and Whiskey Bottles
Apollo, Muse of Flirting, SSS
Inkwash, Muse of Cartoonists
Purple Frog and Typolifi, Muse of Dry Cleaning and of Genuinely Magnificent Appearance and of High Lineage
Hopelessly Paranoid, Muse of Paranoia
E G Mel, Muse of Baggy Trousers
aka, Muse of Cheesecake, Chocolate Milk, and Crunchie Bars, SSS
Tummyfish, Muse of Fine Finned Friends,SSS
Twinkle, Muse of Space
Pheloxi, Muse of Ecalpemos and worldy-m-words, SSS
Whoami?, Muse of Bemused
Voon, Muse of Travel
7Rob7, Muse of Theatre Freakz and the Polydactyly-Challenged
Elwood, Muse of the Perpetually Inquisitive
Mistdancer, Muse of Babies and Toddlers
Pyrex, Muse of Unbreakable Space-Age Wonder Glass
purplejenny, Muse of Malaprop
Dien, Muse of Gestalt
Paul, Muse of Funny Songs
Phreako, Muse of X-Philes
Caper Plip, Muse of Tennis, Paper Clips and other Associated Stationery Type Equipment
Woman With a Stick, Muse of Rich People
Dancer, Muse of Human Sensory
Fyrelizard, Muse of Pyrotechnics, Lighters, and Flame-throwers
Witty Ditty, Muse of Wimbledon (SW19), Pimms, Strawberries and Cream
Artenshiur, Muse of Neuroses and Odd Grammar
Three of Eight, Muse of Witty Quotes and Simple Folks
Feisor, Muse of Limericks and Pointless Doggerel
Encapsulated Life Pod Number 3, Muse of Gibberish
Knitbunny, Muse of Pretentious People
Kazzikins, Muse of All Things Pagan, SSS
Moonglum, Muse of Ego
Arlecchino, Muse of Improvisation and Masks
The Black Racoon, Muse of Towels and Dragon Lore, SSS
Zarquon's Singing Fish, Muse of Peacedancers
Marijn, Muse of Bugs and Other Enhancements
Frankie Roberto, Muse of Questions
Shorty, Muse of Flutists
Vidmaster, Muse of Male Flute Players
Thog, Muse of Apple Pies, Massive Gas-guzzling Chevys and Whipped Cream
Bagpuss, Muse of Spurious Logic
Beth, Muse of Hullabaloo
Lenny, Muse of Feely Materials
FABT, Muse of Sci-Fi Spoilers
Shaunak, Muse of Psychoses, Mania and NOn-Alcoholic Tortured Geniuses
TheIneffableBob, Muse of Didjeridoo Players and Cookers of Hollandaise Sauce
March Hare, Muse of Faerie Rings
Lifson Kofie, Muse of Trombonists
GreyDesk, Muse of Rare and Interesting Bottled Beers
Just plain old Bob, Muse of Nitpickers and Harmless Eccentricity
Zute, Muse of Disorder
Old Uncle Zarniwoop, Muse of Small Nigglings
Lighthousegirl, Muse of Giggles and Untied Shoes
Athena, Muse of Philosophy
Chuck, Muse of Cake
Candi, Muse of Pink Fluffy Things with Fangs
Fallin Space kat, Muse of Fallin
eris, Muse of Discordant Thoughts
Ekki Ekki Ekki F'tang Hala Hala Hala Bah-Whing, Muse of Moos and Cow Juice
Zeek, Muse of Photoshop Photograph Edits
Gabriel Arteides, Muse of Artistry
Spook, Muse of Jokes
Santragenius V, Muse of Perpetually Latecomers
Amy Pawloski, Muse of Good Natured Nagging
Highland Flood, Muse of Stagehands and Civil Servants
Roo, Muse of Agar Minions
Vulpix, Muse of Rollerbladers
Miranda, Muse of Contemporary Music
Cheesecakethulhu, Muse of Aberrant Thought Processes
Crazy Man, Muse of Geckos
Saint Patrick, Muse of Painters
Wonderful, Muse of Indefinate Concepts
Tally, Muse of Archeological Discoveries
Jordon, Muse of Creative Psychology/Data Manufacture
Presently the Cynic, Muse of Physics and All Related Topics, Subjects, and Things
Conceited Little Mega Puppy, Muse of Viola Playing
ZapZen, Muse of Zen in a Zap World
Mrs. Cloud, Muse of All Things Mechanical
Iceraven, Muse of Vampirism
Poet by the Toga, Muse of Grande Mochas with Whipped Cream
Nora, Muse of Talking to Oneself
Bobert, Muse of Dabbling Musicians
Philosopher, Muse of Benevolent Insanity
Lady B, Muse of Status Quo and/or Road Crews
Mystrunner, Muse of War
Crocodilka, Muse of Daydreams and Nightmares
Pinniped, The Anti-Muse )of people who like to go to bed early and Associated Accounting Professionals)
Just Me, Muse of Scattiness
Clio, Muse of Seredipity
Fred Smith, Muse of Surrealism
Friendlywithteeth, Muse of Bellybutton Fluff
Goddess of Shovels and other Implements of Destruction, Muse of Dorky Dance
Sir DrunkenDeath, Muse of Booze
Robert Wall, Muse of Programmers
Sir Culdasac, Muse of Monkey Trainers
Neobrad, Muse of Lava Lamps
Beanfoto, Muse of Enigmatic Figure Photography and other non-seedy studies
Cathain, Muse of Star-naming and Italian Cooking
Chubby Chihauhua, Muse of Abandoned Kazoo Players
The Other Omylouse, Muse of Pink and FLuffy Things
Sans Souci, Muse of Indecisive and Picky Cats
Ametropia, Muse of Linux Chicks
Kate Schechter, Muse of Gratuitous Analogies
Madame Sprots, Muse of Tai Chi and Fuzzy Logic
Euan, Muse of Science Majors
Pinwheel Pearl, Muse of Japanese Maples
Smilodon Prefect, Muse of Thylacines and Other Extinct Creatures
His Divine Shadow, Muse of Overkill

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