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This is here because I want it to be

Now doesn't this look nice

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The Borg


The Borg

There are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball
You can't fold a piece of paper in half more than 7 times
Dreamt is the only English word that ends in the letters 'mt'

The Borg

Before we go any further

The Borg
smiley - space Zaphod is this week's 'Lookey what I can do with the MARQUEE tag' winner smiley - okGo take a look see.

The Borg

Right then...Obligatory bit about me...

The Borg

smiley - spaceThe following list is no order other than random

  • I have exclusive rights to the word 'SCROLLY ©'
  • I simply love the smiley - bigeyes 'smiley'
  • I have been known to make use of the 2 MARQUEE tag
  • I'm quite fond of FOOTNOTEs 3
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with pizza
  • I think that .Digitally Imported online radio is just awesome! smiley - ok
The Borg

I find this 'smirkingly' amusing

The Borg

smiley - space When my sister, Vicki, was at school, (I forget exactly how old she was), she had a maths test. One of the questions5 was this:

    You have a rectangle that is divided into thirds. If you take a third of that rectangle away, you are left with a square that is divided into halves. What fraction of the square do you have to add again to get back the original rectangle? The answer is not a third.
smiley - spaceEven though the question stated the answer wasn't a third, that's exactly the answer she put

The Borg

This bit will be updated soon.. Probably

The Borg
smiley - silly
The Borg

H2G2 Stuff

The Borg

UnOfficial h2g2 Lurker6

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The Borg


The Borg

smiley - space7smiley - biggrin...... 8smiley - smiley...... 9smiley - sadface..... 10smiley - erm...... 11smiley - cross...... 12smiley - steam...... 13smiley - grr...... 14smiley - silly

The Borg

Finally, my pet fish and FOOTNOTE

The Borg


Testsmiley - geek
2 Blessed smiley - boing3 Like4 this one smiley - silly4 This FOOTNOTE doesn't serve any purpose, it just amuses me for it to be here smiley - bigeyes5 Not worded exactly like this. smiley - towel6This would be the biggest Lurker badge, only Rupert the Observer couldn't help mesmiley - nahnah7Thesmiley - biggrin8Followingsmiley - smiley9FOOTNOTEssmiley - sadface10Aresmiley - erm11Forsmiley - cross12Mysmiley - steam13Ownsmiley - grr14Amusmentsmiley - silly15 These FOOTNOTEs are just too talented... This one's swimmingsmiley - laugh


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