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You are in Kasia's Jazz Cafe.

Let's talk about music, good books, nice places to live in and contrasts of life. There will be a little touch of Warsaw / Poland, because the Cafe came originally from this city.

Warsaw is known as a good place for listening Jazz: there are by now two big Jazz-Festivals: Warsaw Summer Jazz Days in the end of June and Jazz Jamboree, in October. The first one is only a few years old and mostly for people with an open-Jazz-mind, because they play mostly avangarde. Jazz Jamboree is a very old festival, it's existing for more than 40 years.

Since the 1990s there are more and more places, where you can listen to a good jazz - clubs, like the legendary Aquarium, or sort of open-airs in Summer,like the every-Saturday-free-concerts in Warsaw's Old Town.

It's always worth listening to the polish Jazzer's like Tomasz Stanko, Walk Away, Ula Dudziak, Maciej Sikala, Robert Majewski, Milosc, and lots of others. Also such great jazzers like Mike Stern (I love his play!!), David Sanborn, Bob Berg, John Scofield, Micheal Brecker, Joe Henderson and many others were playing here. Other good Jazz places all over the world, funny stories about musicans are a good starting point to join in this cafe.

Kasia's Jazz Cafe intends to be billingual - English and German. Kasia loves the people there, as well as the language, so you can communicate also in german.

You can also get in touch more private and e-mail me

As I wanted to start with something new, because we have a New Millenium, I decided to start with ICQ. Hmm, I'm still learning, so any good advices are most welcome. So you can also contact me through my ICQ-Number: #103264000

So, pop in at any time - schau einfach mal rein!


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Heard! Heard! Thanks to God Almighty's kindness I become a Guardian Angel and I was dubed with the name Patron Saint of Syncopation.

So, I think I have the allowance to give you the link to Angels Dropdown List Code. Enjoy!

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By the way: I'm now the Muse of Classic Goo Fans. The idea came from St.Dragonfly and she created the Musehome.


If you like the English countryside and search for a nice cottage to retire, then visit Village de la Vavoom. This fantastic idea came from Mari-Rae.

You can have a look at the Draft of village map, created by Amy the Ant.

There are already some inhabitans: Mari-Rae's Someday Cottage, Coelcanth's Riverside Cottage, Mina's- Kettlebastin, I own the Rainbow Cottage. You can go for a wonderful tea to the Tea Shoppe, running by Mari-Rae or to have a mental and physical restoration at Galaxy Babe's- Quaint Caress Beauty Shoppe. To read a good book in a lazy sunny afternoon at your own cottage verandah... nothing else is so good. So go to visit our Village Library and BTW also the Village Museum. Others are just moving in, so other links will be settled later. Finally I started The Crossed Purposes Pub and I'm waiting for guests. Mina and Arutha are helping to run this place.

Useful links for all who are mad about Jazz (like me!)

Thanks to Krissy Lee here is the link to Perugia Jazz Festival.

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To be up to date, you should regularily visit The h2g2 Post and h2g2 Quick Reference Guide. Want to know, who is at the top twenty with postings in last 24 hours or what are the most erudite posts, visit H2G2 Statistics; to find a club, a pub or a place, which is pretty full of nice people have a quick look at the Overwhelmingly Huge Guide to h2g2 Clubs. The Film Society is something for cinema-mad-people. Look, when your h2g2-friends have their Birthday

H2G2 campaign is over

The campaign on H2G2 is over. I'm sorry to inform you, that my favourites Demon Drawer and Joanna didn't won, BUT: they got the second place! Peregrin won. Go and have a look at Peregrin's acceptance speech

Nice places on h2g2

First of all two places, where I'm part of the staff:

Bolle's Berliner Buletten Bude (Inh.AXR) . The h2g2's German community regular meeting place. Thanks to our pool builders Siggi. and The Left Ear Of The gODDess. and Morgana's. splendid idea to paint the pool purple, we are just finishing our purple pool (probably with an shark aquarium in the middle of it). I'm the waitress there, serving all you wish from our bar and wearing a wonderful uniform in blue and with yellow fishes on it. This was given to me by the owner, AXR.. We just finished Weihnachtsvorbereitungen.Visit our busiest conversation:2001 - a Space Odyssey.. Wow! The new Millenium is just starting!!! And we got a new one, for 'women only', have a look at Frauenstammtisch. and join us (even if you are NOT a woman)

A very special place is Goof's - Drinks Cabinet. There you can get such fantastic drinks as Pierced Nipple and Bloody Mina. Come and find out, what's in them.

I'm also the receptionist in L'hotel Chrome.. You can find me at the Check-In Desk.

I'm often in Lil's Atelier, Joanna's Donut stall and Foxy Manor

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