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I found this web site because of the untimely death of Douglas Adams. It was mentioned in an article. I remembered fondly reading the guide in my youth and now am planning to dig through the mountains of books in my studio to locate my old copies. I hope to reaquaint myself with that frame of mind I have been drifting away from as more lint builds up on my gray matter. Wish me luck.

(Three days later)

I've been rumaging around H2G2 for a couple of days now. It's an interesting place/mindset. I would have to say my first impression is of the feel of the site. It feels homelike (comfortable).
I have never gone to chat rooms or the other computery-type sites. I don't have a computer at home, so my time here at H2G2 is limited to when things are slow at work. But I think I'll hang around a bit longer. H2G2 also seems to be a tad younger than myself. I'm 41, which as near as I can tell, is about 20 years older than the typical age here. (If I'm wrong maybe some of the other old-fogeys can let me know). Not that I haven't enjoyed the conversations going on. They've been spirited and fun (along the lines of Adams books - by the way I found my old copies, but, immediatly loaned them out, so, I bought the hardcover compilation for myself) By the way how important is it that I be up to date on my "Hitchhikers" knowledge? It usually takes me a few weeks to get through a book let alone six books! I just previewed this and it's longer than any sane person will ever read - so that's it.

(A week later)

Well, I'm taking my first baby steps here at h2g2. (thanks to the kind-hearted patience of Shea the Guardian Angel) I'm trying this in GuideML. I may blow up all h2g2.
Here's a bit more about myself (which is the best way to take me - in bits) I have always lived in the Detroit area (but don't be frightened off by that I'm not a walking arsenal like Detroiters in the movies) I live out in the country on 4 acres of all day grass mowing. With my wife who I met 16 years ago in my first musical. (She was a dancer, I was a clod). Now after over 30 plays later I've retired from the stage to spend time with our brand new daughter. It's still difficult, since I have a 2 1/2 hour commute every day, to find enough time for her.(which is also why it takes me so long to read a book I have about 10 minutes free time a day)

(A few days after a week later)

I'm sort of, kind of getting the hang of this h2g2 stuff! smiley - biggrin Thanks again to St. Shea smiley - angel (by the way in "Hitchhikers" I'm where the Heart of Gold is entering Magrathea's atmosphere)I told you I was slow.

(A short time past a few days after a week later)

Things are slow at work, but I'm all over h2g2 instead of doing something productive, like remake my intro page. ("Hitchhiker" update Deep Thought has just delivered the answer of 42)My reading speed has not increased. I'm now hoping to be a muse and adding the link here.

Get Muse-ified:

Would you like to see Musehome? Tell them the Inquisitive One sent you.

(Much much later - no even later than that)

I was contemplating adding a few titles to my name,but, can't decide.
  • Elwood-Worlds Worst Internet Impressionist
  • Elwood-Master of Tangential Misdirections
  • Elwood-Keeper of the Royal Catapult
  • Elwood-QuoteQuiz Quizmaster
  • Elwood-Rooter for the Hapless Lions and Tigers
  • Elwood-One True Love of Elwoodina
  • Elwood-Father of the Angelic Ellie
  • Elwood-Muse of the Perpetually Inquisitive
  • Elwood-Worshiper of All Things Chocolate
  • Elwood-Lead Singer of "Elwood and the Elwoodette's"
  • Elwood-Denture Finder to the Old Fogeys


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