We Are All Fools

Hello out there, everyone.

My name is Arlecchino, and I am a fool. Chances are, if you're reading this, you too, are a fool. Don't feel too bad about this, most likely all of your friends are fools, and so were your parents, your brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and probably your pets, too.

You've probably been young (some of you still are). That's very foolish. Scientific studies have shown that being young is a leading cause of old age: 100% of old people were young once. If you think that my reasoning is a little foolish, thank you.

But I'm a bit different from you other fools. I wear my motley on the outside, for everyone to see. I am free to express my foolishness, but also to lay it aside and assume a different guise from time to time. Here in cyberspace, I can do this with great ease.

So, from one cyberfool to many others, greetings, and I hope to see you around. smiley - winkeye

Table Graphics I've recently learned to make these neat little table graphics that are smiley sized. Here's one I designed for the Non-Rock group I don't belong to, the Banned:

That smiley looks best in Goo. Here's an alternative for Alabaster users:

As a champion of free speech I have donned a Goo beret and joined the Zaphodistas at [URL removed by moderator] 1
(Apparently these don't work in Netscape. Ugh.)
1 Just kidding! The Mod's aren't so bad that they remove on-site links. Check out the Zaphodistas here: VIVA!
Here's the most recent foolish thing I'm doing: Readings by the Great Arlecchino. Come get your psychic reading for the week here. Ask me whatever you want. Just don't be disappointed if I'm wrong.

The Muse of Improvisation and Masks

One of the most mischievious of Zanni, Arlecchino is perhaps the most famous stock character from Commedia del Arte. And as one of H2G2's premier Commedia representatives, I am proud to announce my Museship of Improvisation and Masks. If you'd like to visit me and other muses, please feel free to stop by the Musehome. Or choose one from the list below (I'm not on the list yet).

I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE MUSE OFActorsAll Things FishyAlternative ExpressionsAnagramsAnnoying OptimismArrogant Self WorshipArtistsAstral delightsBad GirlsBad PoetryBartendingBassoonistsBluesBondageCeramic Moo-MakersCoffee, Ciggys, and Bad PoetryComediansComplex User PagesConfusionCreative Work AvoidanceCute and CuddlyDancing DucksDarknessDeathDeath by ChocolateDilettantism Multiple ArtsDinner jacketsDoodling (not scribbling)DreamsElephantsErotic PoetryEvil DoingsFancy FootwearFlamenco DanceFlights of FancyFlying HorsesFlying pig'sForbidden LoreFree KicksFrogsFungi SoldiersGratuitous SarcasmGreat DessertsHangoversHappy Thoughts and Weird ScienceHarmless CactusHockey and ComicsHome Brewing and RecordingHonourable DeathHorses and Self DoubtHot SexImbittered RantsIndolent StudentsInebrietyInsomniaInterdisciplinary InquiryInteresting Facial HairLateral Programming IdeasLemon-GardenLost SoulsListening to Old LPsLoud Guitar SolosMad Science and Holistic DetectingMayhemMelancholy and Art LegoMessMusical thoughtsNerdsNew YorkersOld swimming strokesOrigamiPerfectionPoetryPolyphonic WritingPork pie'sPost It NotesProcrastinating NovelistsPuns and PoniesPutting Things OffRantingReal AleRebellious MusiciansThe Red DragonRhetoric and PontificationSalon Style Argentine TangoSci-FiShort Attention SpansShovelingSong and DanceUnfinished FictionWaterfowlWorld DominationWritingThe code for this listThe code for Volunteer lists

Anyone who wants to reach me can do so at [email protected]
1 Just kidding! The Mod's aren't so bad that they remove on-site links. Check out the Zaphodistas here: VIVA!


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