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  • How old was Elvis at the time of his reported death?
  • How many chapters are there in Joseph Heller's well known masterpeice Catch-22
  • According to Jewish Tradition
    As explained in the movie "Pi". I realize that when I get my info from a movie I run the risk of inaccuracy, so if anyone out there knows differently, or if you can give me a more credible souce to cite this to, please do so.
    how many letters were in the Hebrew spelling of the name of God?
  • In J.R.R. Tolkien's The Two Towers, part of his well known The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, how many orcs did the dwarf Gimli slay at the Battle of Helm's Deep, thus beating Legolas the elf's score and winning their body count contest?
  • What is the Answer?

Thanks to all who contributed! Anyone else who has a question with the same answers as these above, go ahead and start a forum below! Thanks.

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