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To get a reading by the Great Arlecchino
Arlecchino does not claim actual psychic power. Please keep in mind that any reading given by Arlecchino is meant for purposes of fun. Do not sue Arlecchino for a reading that didn't come true. Do not give Arlecchino any money. He is a shifty character and you probably shouldn't trust him.

, please join in the readings thread below, stating your name, your birthdate, and your question. Readings can be done without a birthdate, but are less "accurate" that way.
The signs of the zodiac
From Alrecchino's Mailbag

Each week I will answer a message from my personal
mailbag on this page, starting... um.... in a while.
And by "personal", I mean, completely fictional.
And by "personal", I mean, completely fictional.

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