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I Appreciate Chocolate Milk and Cheesecake!
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Greetings, My Prey!

You have now entered the demesnes of Thog the Great and Almighty Demon Possessor of Loon; Muse of Apple Pies, Massive Gas-Guzzling Chevys, and Whipped Cream; Lurker; Official BFG; ACE; Xilagedhajjarah Nut of the Southwestern Nuts; aka Ruff Dogg, Cat Piddler - Upon First Class, Agent Provocateur, Infiltrator, and Demolitions Expert of the ACF (Anti - Cat Federation); aka The Loinclothed One.


If you are wondering who I am and why I'm here, well, you may never know! Ha ha haaaa!!!! No, seriously, though, I'm 22 (Yee Haaa!) years old, live in Durango Colorado, and I am the Office Manager for Alert Traffic Control, Inc. in the day. By night, I am DJ iON, sexy and oh so mysterious. I drive a 1970 Chevy Caprice Classic (350 V8, 4bbl, 300hp on a rebuilt stock engine... YEAH!), and I have a wonderful girlfriend who I am very much in love with. Frankly, that just about wraps it up, other than my incessant smot poking -- if you can figure out what that means, you probably do too, so I won't worry about it.

Pentagram in a circle, two candles

Just for the record, I do not worship Satan in any way. Most people do not recognize that the Pentagram / Pentacle is actually a sacred symbol that predates the concept of Satan by approximately ten thousand years, and is in fact merely a symbolic representation of the Four Elements in harmony with the Mind of Man. Many Satanic cults and sects started using an inverted Pentacle, known as a Pentagram, to channel their energies, so Christian fundamentalist groups assumed that the Pentacle is Satanic in nature, which is patently false. Even in the inverted position, it does not necessarily represent the dark arts -- taken literally, it represents the Four Elements controlled and directed by the Mind of Man, which more than a few people would naturally assume is evil, as the Elements are part of Nature and not subject to control. As such, controlling or seeking to control the Elements is perceived as being unnatural, which leads to the assumption that it is evil or forbidden.

This preconception is untrue for the simple reason that we, too, are part of Nature, and the Mind of Man is part of Nature. So really all that happens is a part of Nature controls or directs another part of Nature, and as such there is no evil or unnaturalness involved. The lesson in all of this is twofold: First, it should always be remembered that no mere symbol is ever in and of itself evil or a representation of evil. Granted, some symbols do have an accumulated charge of negative or dark energy, but that has only occurred after millennia of use for dark purposes, and the symbol itself is quite innocent of all conceptions and associations laid upon it by the Mind of Man. Second, it should always be remembered that we too are parts of Nature, completely indivisible from the whole, and while we have lost contact with the many guiding entities that reside on our planet with us, they have not lost contact with us, and they watch over us and see all that we do. They do not judge you for your actions, for in truth there is no such thing as good and evil (they are merely opposite reflections of the same light). But they will help you remember, they will force you to remember when the time comes to judge yourself.

On a lighter note, you should have (assuming that you do possess semi-humanoid eyelets) already noticed that I support cheesecake and chocolate milk, the nectar of the Gods and the Muses (like me! Wheee!)
I also am very fond of Guinness, and it was probably somewhat due to this fondness that I had such trouble with this danged Guide ML when I first started building this page. Now, I don't have too much trouble with it -- I usually only get two or three error messages -- I'm so proud of myself!!!

I am only really ever online while I am at work, so if you try to find me and you can't, it's probably either because I'm not at work, or it's because I am at work and I'm actually working for a change. Check the pubs first, though, before you give up -- I'm usually around one of those somewhere -- and in the meantime you may wish to check out my most recent Guide entry 'Intelligence and Personality in Automobiles'. Or, you may wish to check out one of my other entries, as it recently appeared in the H2G2 Post: 'The Intricacies of the La Plata County Judicial System (Edited)' There isn't much difference between this entry and the unedited version found at the bottom of my Space, but this one does have a very cool picture of some fish in it...(erm)... I'm not sure why, but, you know, free fish is free fish, and I wasn't about to be complaining.

Yes, Indeed, I am the Muse of Apple Pies, Massive Gas-Guzzling Chevys, and Whipped Cream, so if you have any nagging questions about any of the above, well, now you know who to ask. Should you have any other musely questions, you can always ask one of the many friendly Muses that may be found at the Musehome


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Thog the G & A D.P. of Loon;Muse of A.P., M.G.G.C.,and Whipped Cream; Lurker; BFG;aka The Loinclothed One (have you seen it?)

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