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I guess I should just tell a little about myself.
I am not a hesmiley - biggrin
I love cheesesmiley - cake
Right now I am in a strange mood.
But that is all the time except when I am bored.
Then I would be in a very strange mood.
I am now at college.
My birthday is June 4th.smiley - cakeThat smiley - cake looks really gross.
My favorite soda is Mountain Dew.
My favorite color is green.
((1+7)/8+2)*(8+6)=42 smiley - smiley
I also like jokes of almost all types.smiley - smiley
I prefer goosmiley - biggrinScarab Beetle

The official manifesto for the Campaign to re-name Thursday, "Thing" Read The Manifesto!

The proud Members of Clan ThingClive the flying ostrich - Warlordacidbath - Grand VisierParrferris - Minister of Defence (& Occasional Offence)Amy - High Priestess of ThingShea the Sarcastic - Captain of the Thingite GuardThe Gook - Sir Loin, Master at ArmsBob - (Temporary) Commander Thingite Suicide SquadLady Elly - Assistant GV/Commander Amazon DivisionHappyDude - Camp FollowerInkwash - Speaker of the UnderpassSt. Redfish - Director: Thingite Intelligence Agency (TIS)Average Joe - Thingite Tactical Advisor├×ing - Guardian of the Sacred ThornM'Alice - Keeper of the Sacred AleEkki Ekki Ekki - Chieftain of Clan McThingUncle Heavy - Sergeant majorJon Quixote - Official Suggestor of Good Ideas Acolyte Hezher - High Chocolater PixieMinister of Occasional TablesHiram Abif - Imperial Architect of all Things ThingyTJ - Royal Protector of the Thingite WitEris - Resident DeityKatie of the Redheads - Donna and MotherSt Trin - Official operator (Thingite Legionaire)Mr.Mike - Thingite Sandwich MakerEvilRoy - Maestro of the Thingite OrchestraE G Mel - The maker of small electric gadgetsQueen Alamsy - Thingite Guard of SmiliesIce - Thingite Neuro-SurgeonYeliab - Thingite EngineerABI (!!!) - Captain of ReconnaissanceFrankie Roberto - Thingite Propoganda ChiefJoe AKA Arnia - Head of R + D for the Thingite War MachineDastardly - Principle Dragoon of the Thingite LegionsBusterbone - Warden of the pound; Lobber of dogs. Cheesestraws: Official Thingite mascot (Artichoke)aka - Head Eater of cheesecake and flicker of rubber bands.Dien - Lord-Seneschalfor the Court of ThingAnnette - Official Chinchilla TrainerPu Dendal-Shrubbery - Head Researcher on Thingite CalendarA horse called Bazooka Joe and his Amazing Travelling Sideshow - Dave Cyberspook - Grand Inquisitor of disgruntled cat toys Joanna - Thingite Star Gazer Peregrin - Official Falconer of the Thingite LegionsGiga Strike - Lord of Rhyme and Reason, Master of Thingite InfantryTwinkle - Thigite TelepotantionistShorty - Tamer of Kremlin. Taurrin Chaplin - Head of the Ministry for general Sillyness W85 - Master of Ceremonies Phreako - Official Thingite Fancier of Pigeons Fred Smith - Professor of Surreal Weaponry EphirielX - Resident Thingite Pyschologist Rootitoot - Thingite Trumpet Herald OTTOX !!! - THINGITE NEMESIS (BOO, HISS!) Demon Drawer - Adjutant of the Genuine Irish Thingites Granny Weatherwax - ??? -


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For the dirctory of researcher fan clubs, click HERE

I am also the keeper of inflatable dartboards and furniture. Inflatable furniture is quite comfortable. You really should try it sometime. I know an inflatable dartboard sounds like a smiley - silly idea but the rules of darts are quite different when playing with an inflatable board. The object of the game is to miss the dartboard. The first person to actually hit the dartboard and pop it loses the game. If you would like to claim a keeper title, visit A441596

If you would like to own an inflatable chair or an inflatable dartboard, just let me know. They are grown year-round in my inflatable chair gardensmiley - smiley

I am also the Professor of inflatology at A542729

University of Mice Faculty MembersOrcus aka Jerry Mouse - Professor of QuizologyArgon0 aka Frankie mouse - Professor of 42ology. iaoth aka Benjy mouse - Professor of Squeekish.Sad Mad or Bad aka Buffy mouse - Professor of True Love and ButtkickologyArchangel Galaxy Babe aka Minnie mouse - Professor of FlirtologyHenryS - Assistant Professor of 42ologyvogonpoet - Professor of VerseShea the Sarcastic aka Minute Mouse - Professor of SarcasmE G Mel - Professor of Baggy TrousersTabitca - Professor of Shallow ThoughtHugo the Fish - Professor of Bubblishpheloxi - Professor of Interspecies Relations (specialising on mice and cats)Arthbard Vootenoy - Professor of CheatologyMonique - Professor of Something Ending in OlogyPhreako - Professor of InflatologyMistdancer - Professor of SockologyDas Mouldy Sandwich - Extended Visiting Professor of Mouse Trap AvoidancePu Dendal-Shrubbery - Professor of Running About and Eating Little Bits of CheeseAnimel12 - Professor of QuestionismsBob - Professor of Drinking Alcoholic SubstancesBagpuss - Professor of Cryptic Cruciverbalism2Legs - Professor of TitleologyClive the flying ostrich - Professor of Ostrich Ballisticsb-b - Professor of PurplologyKirikugi - Professor of TeabagologyGoth (Fish) - Professor of Computer Crashologybeanfoto - Professor of ?Lodestone - Professor of Armadillo Fixationsnessieoftheshorthair - Professor of partially non existent life formsNikki - Professor of DreamologyJeny - Professor of CheeseologyRoadkill - Professor of PseudologyInkwash - Doctor of EscapologyMarch Hare - Professor of LagomorphologyMaw - Professor of MagecraftThe code for this list


I am a big time procrastinator. If you are a procrastinator too, I would suggest that you either join or put off joining the A431911. If you do, in fact find the time to visit the club, I would suggest you spend some time in the Palace Flophouse and Grill where you can waste as much time as you want and smiley - ale is served daily. Just don't forget to bring a piece of furnituresmiley - smiley

I also belong to A570638
You can usually find some of the members here

AddictsDeackie (founder of h2g2 Anonymous)2legsVogonpoetTrinE G MelClelbaPhreakoShea the SarcasticJimmyAngelfeetAbiKiller QueenTillyPheloxiRuppingerDancerPaulsimpsonInfinityMinesweep GoddessAnimel12Night NurseOrmondroydLynneMingumOld Uncle ZarniwoopLurcherCandiEncapsulated Life Pod Number 3

One more thing. Ever since I learned that a smiley - cat will always land on its feet, I have wondered what would happen if two smiley - cats were tied back to back and dropped from a high place. Don't worry, I don't like the idea of abusing smiley - cats. Its just something I have always wondered. My theory about what would happen is that the smiley - cats would spin round and round possibly creating perpetual motion. smiley - blackcat


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