Encapsulated Life Pod Number 3

A Podded History:

smiley - tongueout
Call me Pod. C'est moi, bouncin' around just above there. If I had to characterise myself as something, it'd be a freedom fighter. I am fighting for freedom from reality, sobriety and mundanity. I will use any weapon in this fight, but I prefer smiley - ale,smiley - bubbly,smiley - stout and smiley - donut's. I am a happy Pod, a dancing Pod, a nimble toed odderly type of Pod. If it dances like light on the shining eyes of irony, I'm there. I mostly talk gibberish but will sometimes speak smiley - bigeyes. I should say that I am being kept alive here by a slave in RL. My slave never goes out, never does anything except sit at a keyboard and type type typety type- keeping me alive here. He has a name, but I forget what it is.

Muse of Gibberish
Oh, I am the muse of gibberish. I am sworn to inpsire poor mortals to gibberish wherever I can. Now I feel complete. I wanted to be muse of complete gibberish, but felt that was a little above my station. If you want to be a muse of something, and lets face it, who doesn't? Then go and check out the Musehome

A mermaid wearing an orange turban and playing the flute underwater

Stuff that I like:

Music: Mike Oldfield, Tangerine Dream, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and loads more...

Literature: James Joyce, Homer, Tomas Pynchon and loads more...

Cake: Cream donuts, Rock cake, Battenburg and loads more...

Philosophy: Wittgenstein, Aristotle, Sartre and loads more

Art: Magritte, Chardin, Vermeer and loads more

Cinema: Kubrick, Scorcese, Kieslowski and loads more

Made up words: Mufflewhump, Cherrywhizzle, Bazams and loads more

Just a sweet lovin' fool trapped in a Tractarian nightmare of his own devising.
This is a picture of a man clutching a piece of rock while he is being shot at. He is also framed, it seems, by more rock. It struck me that what we have here is a metaphor- a metaphor of a man who really likes sweets. He seems to like them so much, he's prepared to be shot at, if necessary, rather then give up his stick of rock. Now, call me old fashioned, but I think this man has something to say to us all, does he not? Though I am not quite sure what it is he is trying to say.

Thanks to ANDROKTONE for this:

Obsolete Computer Game Adoption Certificate...
'ANT ATTACK' (for the Spectrum) now has a loving home with POD. Click HERE to experience the joys of ANT ATTACK for yourself... and click HERE to adopt your own game...


Official Keeper of the one thing in the whole universe that absolutely, positively and definitely cannot be kept.
I am pleased to have recently been awarded this honour, and as a self-imposed condition of acceptance, I decided to never, ever, tell anyone what it is. But, then I thought it would be more fun to give a pound (yes, a whole pound), to whoever correctly guesses what it is. Anyway, I've got it, and I'm keeping it, OK? I would like to thank Archangel Galaxy Babe for awarding me this impossible paradox. If you want something to keep too, just ask at the Keepers Page


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Encapsulated Life Pod Number 3- Muse of Gibberish

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