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This is not an original idea. It used to be a syndicated newspaper feature
which in my yoof I enjoyed daily, but have not seen the like in years. And
yet it helped me to become the open-minded and sensitive old fart I am today.
Essentially, it's a constructive exercise in perspective and points of view.

For example:
1. I am big boned.

2. You are pleasantly plump.

3. He is grossly obese.

Sometimes it's better to reverse the order.
3. They committed an atrocious sneak attack

2. You caught them by surprise.

1. We initiated a pre-emptive action.

Give it some thought. Even if you never post one, you'll catch yourself doing
it, and the world will be a better place.


  2   Thank you.  Mel smiley - hsif

I love it!  
I've gotta learn how to do that more consistently.

Thanks, jwf!smiley - smooch

This man refuses to acknowledge his wisdom but it's consistently there for
all to see.

  5   smiley - grr  Hold it right there folks!

This is supposed to stimulate your input and all I see so far is rave reviews.

What I want is your versions of an ego-centric world.

Input people!   I n p u t !
Flattery I can get from my dog.

1. I am a genius.

2. You're a pretty smart fella.

3. He thinks he knows everything.

Your turn.   smiley - grovel

These were used frequently in the 'Yes, Minister' and 'Yes, Prime Minister'
series by Bernard.
"It's one of those irregular verbs, isn't it?

I have an independant mind,

you are eccentric,

he is round the twist"
"That's another of those irregular verbs, isn't it?

I give confidential briefings,

you leak,

he is being prosecuted under section 2a of the official secrets act"

I was inspired to come up with my own at the time, but my mental regurgitation
ain't what it used to be, and they probably weren't any good anyway.


Here's one for you, jwf   smiley - smiley
Men find me irresistable.

You're developing a reputation.

She's a slut.
smiley - laugh   It's all a matter of perspective, isn't it?

Here's another
I married a man who could support our children.

You only want him for his money.

She's nothing better than a whore.

*uff* Doesn't sound too pretty, does it?

My face is beginning to show character

You're starting to show your age

She's a poor raddled old hag

Hang on, I think I've got it now    smiley - smiley
I am a perfectionist

You're a little fussy

She's a control freak
smiley - biggrin

I'll give it a shot...

- I am an attractive person.

- You're not too shabby.

- He is a self-absorbed narcissist.

Or how about
I use cosmetics to enhance my features

You lay it on a bit heavy

She applies her make up with a pressuried hose
smiley - smiley

<giving it a shot>
I'm the life of the party.

You're obnoxious.

He's making an ass of himself.

I am tactful

You are economical with the truth

He is a bare-faced liar

I know my own mind

You take some convincing

She's as stubborn as a mule.
smiley - yawnGoing to bed now. Must be getting old or summat
   smiley - ermsmiley - zzz

   smiley - hsif

I budget wisely and spend cautiously.

   smiley - shark

You're very ..frugal. Are you Scottish?

   smiley - schooloffish

He's a miserly tightwad.

I'm a wee bit tiddly.   smiley - bubbly

You've had a cupful.   smiley - bubblysmiley - stoutsmiley - ale
smiley - yikes    He's totally obliterated.    smiley - bubblysmiley - bubblysmiley - bubbly ...smiley - drunk

Here's my try on it...
I'm slightly confused.

He seems a bit abstracted.

She's short a shelf from her Reference Section.

Do I have it right?   smiley - bigeyes

SC   smiley - planet

but surely it can work the other way round when we are modest.
I have an idea when it comes to electronics   smiley - erm

You are good at electronics    smiley - smiley

He is an electronics Genius   smiley - biggrin

Though the truth be told we might all have the same level of competance.

Mel smiley - hsif    *trying to look at everything in more than one way nowadays smiley - smiley*

I made an honest mistake.

You should know better.

He's an incompetent boob.

I'm setting priorities.

You don't appear to be overly fast at several things.

He's a procrastinator.

1. I   smiley - angel    express myself freely, creatively, on a wide range of subjects across the internet.

2. smiley - devil   You're a flaming troll!

3. And then    smiley - martiansmile    there's Wumbeevil.

I show interest in other people.

You are a bit nosy.

She is an interfering busybody.

I am a slightly absent-minded middle-aged woman

You are forgetful (it's your age dear)

She is a senile old crone    smiley - star

I have my little bedtime peccadilloes.

You are a perverted b*****d

He is a Conservative MP.

I am economical with the truth.

You are a lying b*****d.

Hi, I'm Richard Nixon.

I love to entertain visitors.

You will look at the clock and say, "Oh is that the time?"

He is Fred West.

I will spend all day cooking a banquet for dinner guests.

You will send out to the local takeaway for six curries.

He is Jeffrey Dahmer.

Wilson was a socialist.

Heath was a Conservative.

Ooh look, is that Tony Blair?

I am a moron.

You have the brains of JFK apres Dallas.

He watches Neighbours.

I am a Spindoctor.

You are Joseph Goebbels.

He makes ads for TV.

         smiley - run

OUCH!   smiley - bigeyes   
Revenge is a dish best served cold    smiley - winkeye
I am not a doormat

You give as good as you get

He is a vengeful barsteward

Mel smiley - hsif

I commune with angels

You're quite psychic

She wears too much patchouli.

I freelance.

You're between engagements.

He's a lazy shiftless unemployed bum, with far too much time on his hands.

I have a good sense of humour

You are desperate for approval

He should have a contract to write comedy for the BBC   smiley - winkeye

  37    Cool a positive thought there!
   Mel smiley - hsif

I'm a bit ecentric

You're a little crazy

He's mad as a hatter.

I'm a rascal

You're naughty

He ought to be locked up for ever

Mel smiley - hsif

I think things through carefully.

You take an awfully long time to make up your mind.

He's incapable of making a decision.

      smiley - cappuccinosmiley - cat

I'm not afraid to spend a dollar when I have to.

You've been known to splash out a bit on occassion.

He throws his money around as if it'll solve everything.

  42   smiley - planetsmiley - dog
They are religious fanatics.   smiley - yikes

You're entitled to your beliefs.   smiley - grr

I put my Faith in the Power of the Lord
and govern my life by the Word of God.   smiley - angel


Hear hear to that last one. How true it is.   smiley - sadface

Mel smiley - hsif

As a professional writer I am often obliged to create
attractive copy for products, services and causes that are not
necessarily to my liking.

You have been known to write whatever the client wants in order to
make a living.

He's an unprincipled hack!

I like my job.

you work to much

he is a workaholic.

I look nicely inconspicuous in this outfit.

you do stand out a bit, dear.

my god! is he desparate for attention or what?!?

If called upon I would risk making the ultimate sacrifice for the things I
truly believe in.

You'd stick your neck out if the situation demanded it.

He's a suicidal maniac.

I am bubbly.   smiley - magic

You're rather voluble.   smiley - erm

She's got verbal diarrhoea.   smiley - bruised

I enjoy my own company

You're not very sociable

He's a misanthropic old hermit

I enjoy a good sporty car and motor briskly.

You're a bit of a leadfoot hot-rodder.

He's a speed demon.

*that should have read "dangerous speed demon"*

I'm a critical viewer

You want entertaining

He's a couch potato.

I have an enquiring mind

You like to surf the web

He's a nerd.   smiley - geek

I'm proud of myself

You have a big ego

He thinks he's god's gift to humanity

I like to give my children plenty of space to make their own decisions

You are very patient with your offspring

Her kids are hooligans

Ouch!   smiley - bruised

They're a pack of savage murderers.

You will be remembered for your sacrifice.

I have struck a wondrous blow against the great Satan.

They are brainwashed mindless automotons in the service of totalitarian despots.

You really do believe everything your government tells you, dontcha.

I am a patriot. I enjoy shopping, commuting, movies, video games and watch
mostly news and sports on TV.

I have stood atop the World Trade Towers

You probably are well aquainted with their statistics

Until Sept. 11th he probably never heard of them.

I use American dates(ie Mo/day/yr)

You probably use british dates ie day/Mo/yr)

He is to illiterate to use either one.

I don't sit on the fence

You need to look at things from both sides

He is a bigot

I like eating honey and lying on my back watching clouds.

You are a useless, shiftless, gut-stuffing honey maniac.

He (it?) is Winney The Pooh.

"gut-stuffing honey maniac"   smiley - laugh

1st: I'm just checking my e-mails, dear!

2nd: Could you free the line please - I'd like to ring my mother some time
this week.

3rd: smiley - online2long

I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.

You are a mercilessly indiscriminate and cruel prankster. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin rules.

Screw Him for breaking my Nintendo. Pass the Doritos.

      smiley - huh

I like to become reasonably conversant with anything I encounter.   smiley - angel

You have an addictive personality.    smiley - erm

He is a net junkie.   smiley - online2long

I use all available time

You are not very punctual

"He'd be late for his own funeral"

I'm confused.

You can't help me.

He gave up .......

I need to spend *some* time on h2g2, and other hours are taken!

"Is this an obsession?"

She never does anything else.

I think therefore I am.

YOu only think that.

He needs to get out more.

Self confidence is the key to my success.

You seem pretty sure of yourself.

He's a swaggering self-righteous egomaniac.

i'm not affraid to express my opinions.   smiley - smiley

you're, er, talkative.   smiley - erm

he never shuts up!   smiley - grr

I am a freedom fighter

You are a terrorist

He is a member of al-Qaida/Islamic Jihad/the IRA/..........

(delete/fill in space as required)

I am a light switch.

You turn me on.

They are part of a manually controlled domestic system for the distribution
of electricity and the timed production of light within the home.

      smiley - weird

Estate agent perspective.
1.This property has unique decor.

2.The owner has dubious taste in decor.

3.There are mushrooms growing out of the rising damp.

I have property with a lovely, evolving water frontage.

You're having erosion problems.

They should know better than to fight mother nature.

She always wins st mud-rasslin.

I sometimes don't understand

You are confused

He couldn't follow toothpick instructions

My English is fluent

Your grammer needs some attention

They can't talk........

Why is this how most english think, there are other languages...

Mel smiley - hsif     an English person

My birthday party was a flop.

You were left standing at the altar.

They are going to a Bar Mitzvah.

I've being seeing someone regularly.

You seem to be stuck with one guy lately.

She might as well be married.

I get their attention

You flirt

She's a s**g

Mel smiley - hsif

I was totally discreet, I'm sure no one could hear me...

Heard the bad news...

You'll never guess what happened today, this guy at the restaurant had a screaming fight with his wife over the cell, yelling about "medication" and doctors, at the end he yelled something about a divorce and stormed out of there, everyone was staring at him.
   smiley - yikes

I work Hard

You're studious

He's a nerd

Mel smiley - hsif

I take pride in my handwriting.

You shouldn't write in such a hurry.

He is a doctor.

I get up, wash, dress and leave the house in fifteen minutes.

My wife spends ages in the bathroom.

Have you met my teenage daughter?

I am occasionally abrasive.

You often annoy people.

Oh, look. There's Vanessa Feltz.

  89    Like it!    smiley - laugh
I speak 7 languages fluently.

I don't know about the other 6, but you seem to be having trouble with English,
in any case.

He can barely get by in any foreign language, but speaks seven quite badly.




  90    Hmmm, lets see;
I don't make friends easily

You are shy

He has never said anything interesting

I am very popular

You put yourself in the centre of everything

He has his fingers in everything, whither we want it or not.
smiley - smiley   Is this the idea?

I like to experiment with new ideas.

You have an intellectual sense of adventure.

He'll try 'anything', and not just once.
smiley - biggrin    glad to see this thread continues to stimulate some thought,


I am tactful

You should speak up a bit more often

He never has an original thought.
I call a spade a spade

You're rather blunt

He's like a bull in a china shop.

I'm just interested.

You here too?

He's stalking me!

I ate my share.

We are paying our part.

He went to the loo

and never came back...

I *like* TJ Hooker.   smiley - grr

You're Weird.   smiley - weird

He's got a gun!   smiley - run

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