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My full H2G2 name is Wayfarer--The Mad Forum Artist, Keeper of bad puns, Greeblet, Lurker, SATS member, The Tangential One-- Gobbler's Ink, anyone? But that's longer than allowed and anyway having a long name makes the "more postings" page all funny. It doesn't even include various other titles and things that are unrelated to H2G2.

My other page, that I put all my 'stuff' in. I haven't been there to edit it in ages, now I'm scared of the enormous job it would no doubt be... but why not drop by? You may find it more interesting.1

My email's [email protected] . You can also leave a message in my Space, but considering that I don't keep up with most threads anymore, I might not notice, so it would be better to use email. Rambling, I know.

Interests... The Discworld, and the Discworld MUD. http://discworld.imaginary.com:5678/ . Too lazy to link, also can't recall code for it. HP fandom, fanfics. Fictionalley is a large part of this. http://www.fictionalley.org/ . As a shipper, of course I've got myself a title: Peddler in obscure artifacts, dragon figurines, and blood-flavoured lollipops2 on the SS Guns n Handcuffs.3 May or may not add more to this as it occurs to me.

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The official MCUODA homepage.*


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1Or you may not.2No, not a euphemism. Really.3If have to ask, do you really want to know? The SCUSA4 forum.

4'Self-Contained Underwater Shipping Apparatus'


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"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a wholly remarkable book. It has been compiled and recompiled many times and under many different editorships. It contains contributions from countless numbers of travellers and researchers."

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