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I need no introduction.

My other page

My other page was originally created because I needed a page that could load on my cruddy connection and couldn't bear to get rid of all the 'stuff' I had here. Then, for quite awhile it became my promary account. No longer. Why? Simple. Having not been to H2G2 for upwards of a month or so, I have forgotten its login. The login itself--not the password.
Yes, I know it's ridiculous.

About my nickname

My nickname, and its titles, have a long and dignified, but not very interesting, history, mainly involving Discworld MUD. Don't know what that is? Go to their site(the link is updated, as of 29/9/04), I promise it's fun. I don't actually have an id called Wayfarer there anymore, but instead game as JWaynest*, and Tangent.

One of my most consistent titles is Keeper of Bad Puns(under my original name of Minesweep Goddess).

Obligatory link section

This is fun... I'll leave it.

GAS The Greebo Apreciation Society. Dedicated to Greebo T. Cat, be sure to bring smiley - donuts!
Church of the True Brownie Come and partake of the Brownie and trek across the desert/snow/city in the Forum of the True Brownie!
Classic Goo Fan Club Better in Goo. Click HERE to see this page in Albaster, but be sure to come back!
Chocolate Lovers Fan Club Mmmmm... chocolate!smiley - choc
Royal h2g2 Procrastinator's Club I'll put something in here tomorrow.
SATS Society for the Addition of a Towel Smiley. This smiley - towel is a smiley, so the towel crusade is done.1 Hurrah!* The SATS page is now the SAS(Society for Addition of Smileys) page.

UnOfficial h2g2 Lurker

Us lurkers, who go to conversations and read them but don't post. Join the club at A588440.

Some smiley-like artwork

Made by messing about with Twinkle's tiny table maker2

My eyes are bleary, my fingers weary; that means this introduction is over.*

Me by the time I've finished with H2G2 for the day.
1And I won the smiley - orangefish for the song! 2I used to have a link to the table maker, but the site seems to have disappeared.(Also, Twinkle has a new username, but yes, the link is the right one.)


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