A Drunken Tale of a Drunken Knight, Sir DrunkenDeath:

I drink, therefor I am

Hail ye all who durst enter my Great Hall... looks around ... erm, small broomcubord! Watch out at the corner, somebody's been sick, dont know who it was (hic).

I hereby challenge all who would think themselves to be handy with a sword, to come forth and suffer many wounds from my Rapier and Dagger in single combat. I fight in a style fitting for the Sixteenth Centuary, but I shall take on anyone holding different wepons.

Takes out bottle and a tankard and pours a quart of mead into it, just as a starter. (that, for those who do not know, is 2 pints of a strong drink (about 15%) made from fermented honey. Mine's a metheglyn, a spiced mead. i brew it myself. Lovely stuff, but the way I drink your head dont have hurt in the morning.)

The Knights of h2g2

I have been Knighted by the knights of h2g2, who reside in the Castle Anthrax. Fight with me there, if you will, and learn the touch of cold steel on the Feild Of Honour.

The Musehome

I am officially the Muse of Booze. Just throught you'd like to know that, not really a surprise is it?

Guardian Angels

I am the Patron Saint of Brewers.

University of Mice

I am Proffessor of Alchoholic Studdies at Mice University. Well really, who else?

musician's guild

I've just become a member, weyhey!

Musicians' Guild Member


  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6 foot three inches
  • Hair colour:brown
  • eye-colour: green-grey


  • One coat, ankle-legnth, brown, the hem of which is singed and the whole of which needs a wash; with large inside pockets containing hip-flask full of whiskey, smoke bombs,three dozen shark teeth, a flannel shirt, 0.5 daggers, and a small country named Vir.
  • One wide-brimmed hat, also singed. At some point part of the brim has been sliced off, but then clumsily stitched back on with a legnth of cord
  • One shirt, white with yellow and red alchohol stains
  • One leather sleevless jacket (for protection against swords, arrows ect, doesn't really help all that much) Now very worn and, yes, singed
  • one pair of grey trousers (singed)
  • one pair of knee-high brown dragon-hide boots


  • one long rapier, razor sharp
  • one daggar, one foot, honed to a fine point
  • one crossbow, usless when I'm drunk
  • one blow-pipe, only used when sober as when drunk I may get confused and suck the dart into my mouth. When sober I am remarcably good at using a blowpipe, but that isn't very often

I have compiled a small article on how to brew mead.


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