Urania's Astronomy Observation Tower and Balcony

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A meteor shower

Starry Starry Night...

There is always a cool summer breeze up here(even when the hapless mortals are getting out their coats). Urania, the original Muse of Astronomy, has designed this observation area. Look out to the stars that she studied herself so long ago, and relax and admire our surroundings....

The job of a muse is so _stressful_. Have a cup of tea, or take your favorite drink with you as you sit back and observe the stars. It's nice to have something else so beautiful to admire, instead of being the subject of admiration all day long, isn't it?

...Paint Your Palette Blue and Gray...

One can't help but be moved to inspiration when looking upon all the constellations... but please respect your fellow muses, and keep your joy at being inspired to a low decibel. There are also mortals below us who are trying to sleep... or work... and they have enough distractions all ready, don't they!??

Look out on a Summer Day...

Yes, there it is-- Libra is the rising sun sign... And soon, others(oh, I only keep order of the signs that concern myself)

::Gazes up at the sky, in awe::... oh, what does it all mean!??

...With Eyes that See the World and Can't Forget...

Our local muse, with eyes that see the world, is Galaxy Babe. Go on... the stars have led you here so that you might give her a friendly hello!!!

...Like the Strangers that You've Met

Those who love stars will benefit from visiting The H2G2 Astronomy Society as well. Members frequent the Tower and Balcony.

(Header quotes courtesy of Don McLean)


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