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people for peace! 
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meme webguide
faranani for solidarity

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everyone is unique, equal and beautifull
the founding idea

welcome to ecalpemos. cyberspace is an enormous and impersonal place, but it can also create a comminity were people can meet and learn from each other. you can easily disapear in the cyberspace without finding a comminity you feel at home.
the birth of virtual continent

I found some wonderfull websites that inspired me to create ecalpemos, the virtual continent. I made the meme webguide to give you some ideas for more peacefull and postive life. ecalpemos is virtual place on internet were every rainbow being is welcome. it is place without borders.
your residency

create your own colourfull living place with your favourite climate and do not forget to create own special day or week!
sister/brother communities
the Kingdom of Balwyniti.
the Kingdom of Balwyniti. visit a mythical and smiley - magic forest with lots of pine.

the blockhead of legoland.
the Blockhead. we are on a quest to the holy realm of Legoland.

the keepers.
the keepers where you can be keeper of anything.

the muses.
the h2g2 musehome. be an inspiration. drink chocolate smiley - milk and eat smiley - cheesecake
food for muses:

I am
cult follower
chocolate milk

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the Tibetan greenhouse dugout.
the Tibetan Greenhouse Dugout is a place of freedom and peace, where human beings can grow and thrive like orchids , sheltered from the harsh world outside.

h2g2 natural history museum.
the h2g2 natural history museum is the place were you can find out about the h2g2 flora and fauna. read here the cat story here

the university of h2g2 mice.
the universaty of h2g2 mice where smiley - mousesmiley - esuom research humanity.
1rainbow being: every living creature on this planet or in outerspace

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