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News: The Cult page hasn't been updated in a while, because I've been away on more demanding projects -- but the members list has been updated, and there may be more new things coming this way soon.


The Club, now so heavily involved in something so fanastic that it's a cult, allows you to worship Chocolate Milkshake1 and Cheesecake of all flavours2.

Muse Information

If you are already a muse, then you will know why anyone would want to worship some cake and a glass of some drink - But if you are not, then you will not, or may not. The answer to why this cult following worship these foods is..... is..... (Long Pause)... FORTY-TWO!!
..Actually, it's Because. In fuller depth, It's because of the reason that will become clear to you being a muse. That's why. smiley - smiley If you wish to become a muse, then visit the muse homepage, read and comply with the minor rules (which If you're a member of this cult, you won't have a problem complying to) and then apply for your museship, in the newest request thread, quoting your preffered "muse of x..." title. smiley - smiley When Dragonfly updates the muses list on her space or the muses list page, you will see your name appear there smiley - winkeye.

Members List
This is a list of our current followers.. aka [* Founder] Apollo Athena Bob Camul of Redpath Cat-Eyes charliebaby Chauncey Cheesecakethulhu Chikispirit Clelba Crazy Man Cymbeline dhuntress1 Dinah Dragonfly [* Musemother and Head Follower] Elly Éngländer EvilClaw [Formerly Philosopher] Galaxy Babe Galen Goshoogoshoogosh Irsiad jazzedupcurry Jordan Kasia Lampost Liz Mistdancer Moatas monkey butler leader Peter the Girl Pheloxi* Pierce the Pirate Plato Poet by the Toga Pudwood Quille Red dog Seargent Mushroom Supermoo Thog Trin Uncle Heavy Wonderful Xenophe
The above members roster is in Alphabetical Order, with extra spacing for that special easy-to-read goodness.™

How to Join

To Join, simply Click Here to put your details in a form and then hit the post message button. When you are welcomed into the club, you will get a welcome message on your personal space.

What you need to do

You don't need to pray to the gods of chocolate cheesecake or anything similar like that, You can, if you like, be our guest, but it's not vital. What you need to do, is, if you can, eat cheesecake or drink chocolate milk once every month at the least, or, failing that, type a smiley of these combinations...
Chocolate Cheesecake:
   smiley - choc Cheese smiley - cake


Strawberry Cheesecake:
   smiley - strawberry Cheese smiley - cake


Chocolate Milk:
   smiley - choc Milk   


If you are a true Follower, you can show our cult badge on your personal space, by visiting the Badge Implementing page, by clicking This button.

   CCAS Relaunched.

On Monday, 28th January, 2001, two relevantly important things happened;
  1. h2g2 Upgraded its servers
  2. The Chocolate Milk and Cheesecake Appreciation Society relaunched as The Chocolate milk and Cheesecake Followers` Cult.
Okay, Okay, so it wasn't exactly monday that it was relaunched, but hey, wrong news gets published all the time! This time around, its not just a club anymore; Followers of the new cult celebrate Chocolate milk and cheesecake with festivals and celebratory days. aka, the creator of The original CCAS and new Cult says it was inspired by Dragonfly's outlining of the Rules of becoming a muse, with not appreciating the food and drink of the muses being thought of as "Blasphemous"
As per Rule one of Dragonfly's Minor rules on being a muse;

1) Cheesecake and Chocolate Milk ARE the food and drink of the Muses, respectively. You do not have to consume either, as you may not have the stomach for such divine sustenance. Do NOT treat chocolate milk or cheesecake in a blasphemous manner.

Links (and Bribes)

Seriously, Bribes. Bribes, is what we'll be using as shorthand for payment of advertising smiley - winkeye. All we ask is a smiley - choc or smiley - strawberry Cheesecake from you if you post a link smiley - smiley

Click here to post a link.


...To go to these places...
H2G2's Musehome
The Cult's Calendar page
The Badge page

smiley - chocsmiley - cake     smiley - chocsmiley - cake
1Also known as Chocolate Milk2Or "Flavors"

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