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an introduction.

the internet has many inspirational and positive websites. the meme webguide is webmap to these websites, the idea of the meme webguide is to creates a meme to more inspirational and positive life for everyone.
what is a meme?

a meme is a contagious idea that can quickly spread around the world and influence what people think and do. a concept that borrows heavily from biology, a meme skips from host to host and quickly works its way through a population in ever widening circles until it affects the vast majority, seemingly overnight. a meme takes that biological concept in to realm of ideas and gives it a positive spin.
what does faranani mean?

faranani means "join hands", "togetherness". the word originates from the Venda language and homeland in South Africa.

related website(s):

Nelson Mandala mentioned faranani when he transfered power to president Mbeki.

Mandela glad to join ranks of ordinary citizens.

in June 2002 Nelson Mandala was guest of honor in faranani concert in the Netherlands.

South African Embassy Hosts "Faranani! - Togetherness / Samehorigheid" Concert at the Royal Carre Theatre, Amsterdam, 7 June 2002
dropping knowledge.
dropping knowledge is global place exchange viewpoints, ideas and people-powered solutions without any form of borders.
the elders

we are living in a global vilage without elders to help and advice us. it is time to find ourselves these elders to help and advice us in our global village.

related website(s):

every human has rights to celebrate 60th anniversary of universal declaration of human rights in 2008. do not forgot to sign it!
make poverty history.
one of us can not do much, but join make poverty history wear a white band.
peace parks foundation.
Peace Parks is foundation to create Peace Parks between countries borders who are in conflict. The Peace Parks will create nature reserve.

BBC news articles:

Africa's biggest wildlife park is born - the first park will be southern Mozambique and their adjacent counterparts in South Africa.

Mandela meets 'Asia's Mandela' - Peace Park in North and South Korea.

National Geographic: special feature

related website(s):

World Wide Fund
WWF Global Network.
peace one day.

21 september is the United Nations international day of peace. peace one day believes it should be day of global ceasefire.

save the rainforest.
sight - vision 2020 - the right to sight.

blindness and visual impairment can sometimes be avoided by early detection vision 2020 wants to give the right of sight by eliminating preventable and treatable blindness by 2020.

related website(s):

Braille Without Borders - the right to be blind without being disabled.

the German Sabriye Tenberken is blind herself. she went to Tibet to show people that blind people can learn and help to tribute in the household. she developed Tibetian braille.
sight - action to improve webdesign.

I am on the internet for 10 years now and I still amazed to discover that some webdesigner and owners do not do any research about usage of colours and letters. some websites use green letters on green background and others use letter that can not resize to bigger size. I think that every person deserves to be able read the web. I discovered a lot that there are initiatives to improve readability of the web. I collected the flowing links to advice and help webdesigner to improve their websites. lf you still have any questions just ask me, because I have done lots of research about it.

BBC news articles:

First impressions count for web.

related website(s): - effective color contrast.

Jakob Nielsen's

on a personal note:
I have diabetic retinopathy, because of the laser treatment I also developed cataracts in both eyes. I was recently operated on both eyes to remove the cataracs, but I will be fighting improved webdesign.
UNESCO's manifesto.
Unesco's manifesto of peace and non-violence.

the 8 keypoints:
  • respect for all life.
  • reject violence.
  • share with other.
  • listening to understand.
  • preserve the planet.
  • tolerance and solidarity.
  • the equality of women and men.
  • democracy.

  • related website(s):

    Unesco - United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization.

    Unicef - United Nations Childeren's Fund.
    war child foundation.
    war child helping the innocent victims of war.
    world hello day.
    world hello day on 21 November.
    WOWzone: WOW stands for Wish Only Well. meet the founder Carmen Colombo. She is amazing. lets create 100th monkey effect by joining the WOW list and be among WOW friends. do not forget to learn the WOW sign

    WOW ideas:


    Urgent message for the Governments of Israel and Palestine, but any country or region in war should think about their kids future.

    related website(s):

    Orginal EarthDay was founded in 1977 and is every 21th of march. read about the founder John McConnell. Carmen Columbo maintains boths websites.
    "Zero Landmines" by N.M.L No More Landmines.

    lots of artists worked on it mentiong a few would unfair to not mentioned, but to give idea of quality I mention that the music is by Ryuichi Sakamoto and lyrics are by David Sylvian.

    this CD is curently only released in Japan (500,000 sold in the first week). this CD should be and deserves to be released world wide. my personal request is to you all ask for it at local record stores. please ask for the a release in your local country.

    one of persons who inspired this song is the late Diana, Princess of Wales may her spirit help the clearing of all landmines. it is also tribute to all the victims of landmines. there are too many landmines, somewhere between 60 to 70 million landmines world wide.

    please! please! please!
    help me to get an international release of this charity CD.

    related websites:

    HALOTRUST the organization who removes the landmines. one of organizations who gets money from the CD.

    Ryuichi Sakamoto's open letter.

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