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Welcome to the Tibetan Greenhouse Dugout

The Tibetan Greenhouse Dugout is a shelter for our most treasured produce. It doesn't occupy any physical space, but that's only a problem when you're looking for a place to sit.

Anything too tender, precious or vulnerable to be grown outside can be nurtured here in perfect security. Anything trampled, bullied or crushed in the harsh outdoors has a safe place on these benches, which grow as our plants do... as big as we want 'em!

Nothing here needs to be staked, tied or pruned. We shape the plants by shaping the space they grow in. We feed our plants with the fertility of our minds, the strangest, strongest manure there is, a muck of supreme fecundity.

Protected by a non-existent glass of impossible clarity, impervious to attack by balls, slugs or rapacious pests, what grows here grows strong.

Things to bring...

  • Whatever you may wish to grow.

  • Cuttings from someone else's thoughts

  • Empathy

  • A flask of tea

There are now four benches of ideas grown from the fertile minds of our fellow Researchers. But there is always room for more. Follow the link to,

The benches

where what we've planted grows; and where what grows may not necessarily be what we've planted.


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