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Avast Mateys!

do you enjoy the wind whipping through your hair in a rising storm as you rely on purely your wits and skills as a sailor to survive, Do you love the sound of canvas sails creaking and lulling you to sleep in your hammock? Do you enjoy fighting tooth claw and cutlass? Ever wanted to climb up a crows nest and gaze across the expanse of the ocean, knowing that you are a fugitive from the laws of the world? Become a pirate.

Glossary of Nautical Terms

Let me see yer boarding pass. Haven't got one? Good, coz this be a pirate ship, and I be Captain Werekitty. Our good ship can move through any element, and we travel the seven seas of H2G2 holding up conversations for drinks and loot and burying it (the loot, not the drinks) on desert islands. We be a gang of scurvy dogs and down and dirty fighters.

If ye sign up yeh get a regulation shoulder pet, notched cutlass and either an eyepatch, or a hook, or a pegleg.

Join our scurvy crew!

What title do ye want? (eg. First mate, navigator, cook)

Which attachment would yeh care for?

Eyepatch yes/no

Hook yes/no

Pegleg yes/no

Which shoulderpet?

PiratesCaptain WerekittyFirst Mate GangorlasChief Executioner SpookChief Navigator RimmerHead Chef NarapoiaCook's Assistant misha_franklinChief Swash buckler VercingetorixCaptain of the Cannons Ralph the Wonder LlamaExpendible Crewman #42 SkullockShipwright TangoFigurehead Reefgirlweapons officer CraxusDr. Anthea - the doctorOot Rito - Executive Pontificatorairscotia - Unfeasably dandy knowitallEuan - Not actually a pirate. More of a pirate stalkerThe Evil One - Big 'ard DeckhandGaia - Second Mate

The Ship So Far

We will usually be plotting our next looting in The Maproom, however, any battles will probably be held off on
The Gun Deck. Any urgent news or gifts, or for a posh dinner by invitation come to the
Captains Cabin. And now that we have a cook, you can, if you want to risk it go visit her here in her galley. If you don't like where we're heading or if we hit an iceberg then you can blame the navigator. If you want to take a room or deck of the ship then you'll need to talk to Tango. If you find that your head is missing, then you should probably be dead, but for anything less serious you should see our doctor. Here's her surgery. And here's her personal quarters. Theres Pud/ Oot Rito's Fitness Centre. If you want to visit the ships ghost (Pud's excorsised alchoholic) then go here. And here's the Booty Count.

  • Map Room
  • Gun Deck
  • Captains Cabin
  • Galley
  • Navigator
  • Dr.s Surgery
  • Dr.s Quarters
  • Fitness Centre
  • Ship's Ghost
  • Booty Count

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