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The Guild

The Assassins Guild.

Welcome. Welcome to the Assassins guild.
We are glad that you have found your way here.
Our gates are always open. Because no door may bar the path of death.

The story so far :

There has always been an Assassins guild on this spot, for as long as time has been there. Perhaps it wasn’t always this grand. This busy. This…. Thing but it has always stood here. The current guild is lead by Doctor Anthea notorious Assassin known throughout the land. And her even more infamous husband Capitan Khamsin. These two are the founders, more the former than the latter, but lets not pick straws… because even straws can be used to kill in the right hands.

As you walk through the gate to the guild you can see… if you are careful. Many young, and old Assassins training in stealth and movement even the masters must train… actually the masters are always on the lookout in case some young upstart wishes to… change who’s in charge.

You are met at the door by a servant of the guild. Who welcomes all newcomers with a glare that could cut through lead. And a warm smile… so warm in fact you never want to see it again without very good reason. Something tells you that this is no ordinary manor, these are no ordinary people. Your life will never be the same way again. And you will always be weary of shadows unless you are either too important to loose, or too foolish to know your own mortality.

Welcome to The Assassins guild.

We ask you to pick a specialisation this will be represented by the colour you are given because not all assassins get black. Black shows up if your not careful.
Red: The Inquisition – The Assassins version of military police. This group is often… avoided. Their base in the caverns under the guild… caverns which for some unknown reason look exactly like a medieval torture chamber would in your worst nightmares. Except for some reason, it also has modern torture equipment…. Of all sorts.
Black: The Assassins – The basic mercenary hit man. Skilled in weaponry and accepted in most social circles because there not seen. They can fade into almost any background, but… be warned, the sharp-sighted enemy looks for a shadow within a shadow, and black only truly blends in at midnight in a cellar. For this reason they normally work as snipers.
Green: The Reconnaissance – The scouting team. This team is almost the most important; we can’t do anything till we can scope the location. They are the best at analysing the situation. They know what can and cant be done. Not normally fighters, but they have skill enough when it’s needed. Their main job is to explore and bring back as much information as they can.
Grey: The Shadows – when close combat is the aim. You need the shadows, skilled with daggers, short swords etc. these are experts in poisons and have a natural immunity to most that comes along with the job. They work mainly in the laboratories working on the poisons, seeing what the most effective is. But when there needed they are the ones that get up close to the target, and leave little to no trace they were ever there.
Blue: The Healers – There are bound to be injuries and accidents all the time in such a place, it is the nature of the Assassin. Injuries through training and through working. The healers are kept far out of battle, this may put those more blood thirsty off of choosing this specialisation, but there is none more sought after. At the end of the day, everyone needs a medic.

Once you have chosen this, we ask you pick a weapon that you will always keep by your side. Even the medics sometimes need self-defence.

Silver: The Officers – those in charge of each other specialisation, You cannot choose this as a specialisation. This is granted to the best. And only the best of each.
The Assassins1. Dr Anthea2. Unc3. Kiltedjedi4. Cyzaki5. Jango Fet6. Jodan7. Pandora8. Natai9. Hussassan10. Shadow11. Creachy12. airscotia13. Skullock14. What is rule one15. opti16. Serephina17. Silunaka18. Gaia19. ScorpionPunch20. Dusk21. Acid Override(helen)22. Joe C23. Vicki Virago24. Winnoch225. Wonko26. Thamian27. Baazzaar28. Thorondir29. Serj Tankian30. Zed Dragon31. AK32. Deadelvis33. Atari34. Max Conrad35. hellohello5436. James37. Mrs_Danny_John_Jules 38. Khamsin39. TheDirtyVicar40. GodBen41. Yosarian42. Jordan43. Honestlago44. Behind Geddon's wall(The wall of death)45. Waylander46. Almighty Bob47. cinnamon_spider48. His Divine Shadow49. Dragon_Lord50. Craxus51. Robyn Austin52. ginge2153. Ian54. mindbits55. Baadmonkey56. mochae57. Spectre58. Cat-Eyes (Juicy little girl)59. Mñêmõñë×ùš †hë Õmñîšçïêñ†60. The ghost61. The Lemon Teastrainer62. Mad63. Z phantom64. manson_rocks65. Uncle Bob66. Martiansoup67. Lampost of the babblefishes(Lampie)68. Melody69. Master of all things Pococse70. Robyn_The_Queeg71. Orange trousers72. Luthiena the deadly73. Matthew the Raven74. lady lowena75. Thranduilion76. T.B. Falsename77. Raekor78. nicedavid79. Feuille80. Roxy81. Euphraxi82. Fllrbny83. Heath Flowen84. SumGuy85. Flix86. Teriteri87. SHADOWMAN425188. Lori Pendragon89. StormCrow90. Rosemary91. Vlain 92. saint she93. God of Gods94. Flamestrike95. Zenman96. Joeinnes97. Kat98. Vasta Hycor99. dr_lector100. Rob101. JermsG102. Coren103. Rivkeh Yankee-shoes104. Lightspeed Carpet Fudge105. Malted Butterfly Paint106. RadioFace107. LeoAlpha108. Mizzpinky109. Coren Parr110. Shinobi Snake Une111. The_Admiral112. garrett113. shady114. Kichiro115. invisiblespace_rat116. Laudatortemporisacti117. Stu Pidarso118. mad Boffin119. Thalin120. Kate121. Madman of the Ohians122. Chiz123. HPB124. Starphish125. MysteriousOneWoS126. Lavahna127. godfrick128. Black Leopard129. Captain Nuge130. Elwyn131. Judicator132. invincible coward custard133. Mcgaxs134. tomboy007135. GreyPanther4251136. Emeraled the Black137. Narahari Kamath138. Lady Grey139. SuperMoo140. MerryMoon141. Blaze142. EvilClaw143. CAPTAIN JOHN ALPHA144. someoneatemycat145. Swizzles-Joe146. LeviPuma147. Radioface148. neongreencat149. Rockillidan150. Yanichka151. tricky_serb152. If_your_555_Then_I'm_666153. Tamaire the walrus154. archShade155. Elexorien156. Scaper157. Athena The Wise158. pattichild159. Ismurderbad160. Angussporran161. Zaphob162. Edddie163. Black Pepper164. LeRue.165. tom.166. Thorn.167. teri_whoo_77168. MAC K. NIFE169. Chronomanicmechanic170. Mystic Mel171. Na'ped HaPre172. The_Xand173. Aximili174. CoastGuardian175. Josh176. Vauxhaul Astra177. Bulletproof Guy178. Harley Quinn179. heretic shadow180. Invincible Driver181. Daizzy182. Aries183. mystic numi184. Rockcheekychimp185. Shadowdirge186. Ryan the Daemon Prince187. Narvia188. Mordecai Valdamir Wolfe189. ITIWBS190. BeowulfShaffer191. Kismet192. kipperonthefloor193. titchikov194. Persephone195. Prof Animal Chaos196. Terran197. skyline stu01198. Dalek199. Spirea Yucca200. anevyn201. Captain Dee202. Interspark203. White Novo204. anevyn205. Card Lady

The Badge

The H2G2 Assassin's guild
smiley - ghost
nil mortifi sine lucure

<TR><TD ALIGN="center">
<LINK H2G2="A1123372"><FONT FACE="Ariel" SIZE="2" COLOR="silver">
<B>The H2G2 Assassin's guild</B>
<SMILEY TYPE="ghost"/><BR/>
<FONT FACE="Ariel" SIZE="2" COLOR="silver">
<B>nil mortifi sine lucure</B>
the new assassins guild badge<PICTURE embed="CENTER" shadow="None" H2G2IMG="assassins.jpg" ALT="the new assassins guild badge"/>the new assassins guild badge

parts of the guild:

  • A set of scales and a wedge of money


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