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The home of Thieves, miscreants and most importantly, the only place where you could possibly obtain a thieves liecense. And if others Join and help i will expand this page I promise you.

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U. Number(just the number please, no U):
Magic powers:
Prefered Licence Number:
Thing or thursday:


The spelling is probally wrong. Come and see me about that in my Office please

Sorry that it has taken so long to sort out the licences but you've got them nowand they should all work. Hussassan come and see me about yours because I think i stuffed it up.

Liecensed Thieves


Dr. Anthea

Wøñkø †hë {Îñ}§åñë


What Is Rule One (WIRO)





His Divine Shadow


Uncle Bob

Matthew The Raven

Midnight of Sevenshades

A guild licence looks like this:

The H2G2 Guild of Thieves
smiley - thief
“ Official Thieves Licence”

All exempt fom Thieving

All members of The Assassins

All members of The Freindly Rebellious Enigmas Against Konformity movement

All members of The Bounty Hunters Guild (exept Cleopatra)

All crew members of The Red Dwarf

And of course, all of us.

The rules and Regulations of the guild can be found here.

One Tiny Note

Oh and it is our civic duty to control the crime. Any unliecensed thieving will be punished thus by the assassins and bounty hunters (you don't want to end up like these guys do you?!):

Picture of a blindfolded man, arms tied and raised above his head, framed in a red circle with a line through it ie, 'Stop the Torture'Executioner poised to chop off m'Lady's head

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