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This is an SOS distress call from the mining ship Red Dwarf.The crew are dead, and the ship destroyed by reasons explained in the attach below1. The only survivors were Lou, Existential elevator, Arnold J Rimmer, a hologram simulation of one of the dead crew, The HPB unit and Sir Mort, due to a really confusing timeparadox.

These survivors amazingly discovered a completely new, improved Red dwarf, and this is were they hang around now.

Message ends.


The Jupiter Mining Corporation ship Red Dwarf, is a five mile long, red mining ship, with two small moons buried in the belly of the ship.

In the front is six half-mile steel poles, forming an invert nose-cone, bound together by magnetic cable. This scoop gathers fuel for the engines from space, making the ship able to travel forever. The main bridge is on starboard side of the long-running trench on top of the ship.

The engines occupy about one third of the rear of the ship, eight cubic miles of steel and grease, they run on approx. 1 million gallons of hydrogen-based fuel. Without computer control, they take about 3 weeks to start up manually since 680 spark chambers must be primed an fired to initate the engines, because of this fact, Red Dwarf rarely stops.

Ship Log

This is the JMC Mining Vessel Red Dwarf ship log by Space Corps hard-light hologram Arnold J. Rimmer.

For quite a few months now, nothing particular has happened. The crew are getting a bit restless but are enjyoing the peace and quiet none the less.
In short, everything is just fine as it is, and there is no reason for this to change, except for the irony of fate and of course the physical laws of everythings' smegness.
In short, there is a 0.001% chance of this calm to last. Fingers crossed!

End log.


This could be were we are right now, but we honestly aren't sure

Deck/Nivelo planning

These are the deck plans for Red Dwarf

The main hangar
The Captains office-sign up here
Cabins pick
The Red Dwarf discosmiley - disco
The Medibay
The Exam room
The parrots bar
The Bridge

The Cabins

Rimmers quarters
Listerettes cabin
The HPB Suite
Morts dark corner
Skutter's garage


Cargo decks

Engine room

Off ship
Join the space corps, report to the captains office and fill in all forms, then report to the "cabins pick" and pick a cabin on A-deck.

The crew

Arnold Judas Rimmer, technician 2nd class.

Existential Elevator
Vercingetorix Not an officer onboard 'this ship', I'm still in command smiley - nahnah
Sir Mort
The Holographic Projection Backup Unit Currently the Cat

Lou AKA Listrette
Tommy Mac
Professor Sarah Bellum
Captain Jedi girl Not an officer on this hip!

Advocatus Diabolicus
Skutter 1 (mod) Possibly a member of the John Wayne fan club

Oberon 2001Ship's chef- cannot be my superior because he hasn't taken the space corps chef education smiley - nahnah
Arisztid Lugosi
Father d586poetpaul
Fill in form 18-28/A-X*23-1B just fill in your name, birthdate, id-papers, shoe sizes over the years, your hair colour, you haircut, you hair designer, spell you name in 5 different ways, sneeze on the paper were it says: "please leave a DNA sample here", copy all of your answers in two different lanuages that you cant speak then in 3 languages you can speak, put in what your goals in life are then fill in all your past boyfriends/girlfriends, write you education and your capabilities, check the box wether you want to be resurrected as a hologram when/if you die and finally, sign it with your signature and hand the papers to me.
1We went back in time and attacked our past selves. we killed them which incidently was suicide: see Black box for further details

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