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Welcome to my new updated webpage, now in GuideML! with help from Yeliab Salohcin

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Douglas Adams. 1952-2001.

We were deeply shocked to learn that Douglas Adams, creator of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and friend to us all, died on Friday, 11 May. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his wife Jane, and his daughter Polly.

The H2G2 Astronomical Society

The h2g2AS is the place to be if you are interested in anything to do with astronomy. Lively intellegent chat, twice weekely updates with the latest in news from round the globe. Read it, think about it and discuss it. Membership is free.

Charting the Uncharted Backwarters of the Universe
Charting the uncharted backwaters of the universe.

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If you have a question then ask it at the H2G2 AS Questions and Answers page.

About me

My name is Richard Young and I live in the UK. I'm interested in many aspects of Astronomy and science and have come up with some new theorys on the side of astro/temprol physics but have no one to discuss them with.
I spend a lot of my time writeing books and am working on quite a collection.
I'm also a tea drinker and could drink for the country if ever there were a competition.

I'm also very interested in Wicca.
A Witch
Livingtree Grove - Robin Wood.

I am a member of the Children of Artemis. Look for me there as Kered Drahcir.

Also have a look at Wicca - a Legacy of Persecution.

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25th May 1979 - 23rd February 1995
The Dog Star smiley - - 8.6 light years away

9:00am Thursday 23rd February 1995 - 6:00am Monday 29th September 2003.
The Dog Star. smiley -
Rest in peace Pippa.
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HHGTTG: The game

A few months ago I bought a Spectrum Emulator for my PC. I was looking though the games and found a HHGTTG one. I had heard that there was one around. This wasn't the offical version but it still was quite a taxing game. If anyone has this version of the game I would like to hear from them and swap any ideas on how to get through situtations and anything else they have to say about it.

I will attempt to describe it in order to let you know which one I'm talking about.

When you play it, you have Eddie telling what is going on. You can get to places like The Heart Of Gold, The Lost Artifacts Bar, A Vogon Space Ship, The Total Perspective Vortex and lots of Devonshire roads and if your an advanved player Beteleguse(spelling), Milliways and other places like that. When you quit Eddie says "Let's break for a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster".

I also have to offical version of the game where you start of in bed, in the dark with a hang over and when you eventually get to the Heart Of Gold, Zaphod, Ford and Tillian decide to go for a suna leaving you alone with Marvin and a copy of the guide. This is about the point I've got to. If anyone wants to discuss with me then I'm also open to chat. I managed to download the game free so if you want a copy then E-mail me.

Characters from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Mars and Outer Planets Trading Post. smiley - mars

Visit my own web site lanched on Saturday 23rd February 2002.
Mars and outer planets trading post.

Holy Trinity Church, Henley-on-Thames.

I am website designer / creator & adminstrartor for the Holy Trinity Chruch website for Henley-on-Thames, the f1rST church in Henley to have a website.
Four years old on 12th May 2008. Now in the world of Javascriptm Flash and .php.
Holy Trinity On-line.


A pink and gold dragon on an inkpot
E-mail me here

Richard Derek Young. h2AS.

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