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Welcome to the h2g2 Guild Of Bounty Hunters. Are you looking for adventure, fun, danger, or excitement? Are you a rich pretty boy in need of a hobby? Do you want to end crime and injustice? Is 42 the Ultimate answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything? Do you find standard law enforcement too slow, bureaucratic, and/or unreliable? Do you have powerful magick, excellent physical powers, a cool spaceship, or mutant abilities going to waste that you want to put to good use? Should Thursday be renamed Thing? Do you have a cool nickname? Do you need some extra cash? Do you know a lot of races? Do you want your name to go down in history as a very adventurous and cool soul? Do you like animé? If the answer to any of these questions is Yes, then you are ideal material for the h2g2 Guild of Bounty Hunters.

<BR/> Name:
<BR/> Species:
<BR/> Normal Fee:
<BR/> Spaceship:
<BR/> Magick Powers:
<BR/> Other Details I should be aware of:<BR/> Name of Bounty Head
<BR/> Value of Bounty:
<BR/> Wanted By:
<BR/> Crime:
<BR/> Danger Assessment:
If it is you who wants them, please write your own name instead of sayin 'me' or something.

So what exactly do Bounty Hunters do?

Every so often, someone decides someone else should be, smiley - erm, restrained * and a bounty will be posted on their heads, which will typically be higher if the subject of the bounty is brought in alive (though in some cases the bounty is equal, in cases of extreme danger and power, the bounty may be higher if the bounty head is brought in dead). Bounties are normally posted by law enforcers and despotic rulers.

In some cases, the bounty poster may request a specific bounty hunter. In this instance, most bounty hunters charge a standard fee which is extremely flexible, provided the final price s higher. Under these circumstances, the poster will typically pay all expenses as well as the initial agreed sum for the hunter's service.

In any case, haggling is encouraged when you bring your bounty head in - just don't try to piss your employer off too much or you may wind up with a bounty on your head. We also have a non-aggression pact with Mercenaries Inc. We don't tread on their toes and they don't tread on ours. Just don't piss them off or there'll be hell to pay.

So why should I join the guild?

Protection in case of a bounty on your head, unless it is judged to be sufficiently high.

Discounts at the black market.

Free service of all special items.

A free lawyer in case you end up in court.

A free bounty hunter t-shirt


We are allied to the Guild of Assassins

Good news! We are now allied to the Thingites

Our latest alliance is with the Guild of Theives. All Bounty Hunters are exempt from theiving but are expected to give priority to bounties on unliscenced theives.

A word on spaceships

While there are no official rules for what spaceship you may have, be aware the large, tough, heavily armed capital ships need huge crews and cost a lot of money to maintain. Fighters do not have this problem, but have difficulty taking on fleets. For this reason, most bounty hunters tend to go for the more manageable transport sized craft; quick, manoeuvrable, tough, well armed, and very fast. Good examples are the Slave1 and the Millennium Falcon, though the second was never used for bounty search.

Current Bounty Heads

Prices given are in Altairian dollars. $1 Altairian is equal to 2.5 Standard Galactic Credits, 4 Flainian Pobble Beads * ,0.1 Triganic Pus, 1.5 Wong, 300 Wulong, 1 mg cocaine, 1 minute of sex, 20 sea shells, €0.8, $5 US, and 1/2 a Gold Piece.

Supreme Overlord Schimrra and Commander Shedao Shai:
race - Yuuzhan Vong,
crime - tyranny,
bounty - $1,000,000 (alive), $1,500,000 (dead). Extra payable if brought in together.
Wanted by: UII law enforcers.
Danger assessment: Very high

System Lord Shal'pek:
race - Gou'uld,
crime - tyranny,
bounty - $600,000 (alive), $200,000 (dead).
Wanted by: Tok'ra high council.
Danger assessment: Very High

Simon Cowel:
race - human,
crime - being a pop star and generally annoying,
bounty - $20,000 (alive), $10,000 (dead).
Wanted by: the h2g2 Spy Society, especially Reefgirl.
Danger assessemnt: very low

The Emperor: Race - Jedi,
crime - unknown,
bounty - twice that of Shadao Shai.
Wanted by: the Yuuzhan Vong.
danger assessemnt - high.

Name of Bounty Head: Any and all Eldar Pyskers

Value of Bounty: $10,000 up to $1,000,000,000 alive ($0 Dead) depending on the power of the Psyker

Wanted By: The Necrons

Crime: Being the only ones likely to destroy the Necron race

Danger Assessment: Depends on which side you're on. If confronted, they range from very low to completely lethal

Note: It is prefered that the assasin knows of the game "Warhammer 40,000" and has some idea of the background.

Name of Bounty Head: WEREKITTY

Value of Bounty: 30,000,000

Wanted By: Kleopatra

Crime: being in the Terranic Army

Danger Assessment: shes a werecat.. bewere

Name of Bounty Head: reefgirl

Value of Bounty: 30,000,000

Wanted By: Kleopatra

Crime: being in the Terranic Army

Danger Assessment: high probability of rape

Name of Bounty Head: Jodan

Value of Bounty: 25,000,000

Wanted By: Kleopatra

Crime: traitor to the Thingite cause

Danger Assessment: nil

Name of Bounty Head - Kleopatra (again)

Value of Bounty: $60,000

Wanted By: Jodan

Crime: She said I wasn't dangerous

Danger Assessment: She'll probably hire a bounty hunter to kill the bounty hunters...

Name of Bounty Head: spook

Value of Bounty: 25,000,000

Wanted By: Kleopatra

Crime: Betrayal of the Thingites

Danger Assessment: nil

Name of Bounty Head: rimmer

Value of Bounty: 25,000,000

Wanted By: Kleopatra

Crime: Betrayal of the Thingites

Danger Assessment: nil

Name of Bounty Head: creachy

Value of Bounty: 25,000,000

Wanted By: Kleopatra

Crime: Betrayal of the Thingites

Danger Assessment: nil

Name of Bounty Head: cece

Value of Bounty: 1,000

Wanted By: Kleopatra

Crime: absence

Danger Assessment: nil

notes: [she gave me permission to put a bounty on her!]

Name of Bounty Head: Kleopatra

Value of Bounty:$2G

Wanted By:The Tooth and claw regiment

Crime:Being a twit a putting to many bounties out

Danger Assessment: not sure, but she is a bounty hunter

Name of Bounty Head: kleopatra

Value of Bounty: 3500

Wanted By: The Assassins guild

Crime: slander

Danger Assessment: medium

Name of Bounty Head: Mystrunner

Value of Bounty: $$60,000,000,000

Wanted By: The man who is willing to pay $$60,000,000,000. That can buy a lot of no questions.

Crime: The slaughter of countless hundreds.

Danger Assessment: High. Adept swordsman.

Name of Bounty Head Vincent Dolack

Value of Bounty: 1450 american dollars

Wanted By:Ron Foster

Crime:Rape Murder terrorism

Danger Assessment:very dangerous

Name of Bounty Head:Selkie

Value of Bounty:$150,000

Wanted By:KGB

Crime:Slagging off the KGB

Danger Assessment:Very low

Name of Bounty Head: Isross

Value of Bounty: $100000 and a smiley - spork
Wanted By: Don't ask questions

Crime: Heresy

Danger Assessment: Medium. beware, he'll try to play like he's powerful but it's probably a bluff.

Name of Bounty Head: Any and all Vogons

Value of Bounty: $10,000 per head, $25,00 for a leader

Wanted By: The Alliance of people whose planets have been destroyed in the name of 'progress'

Crime: Destroying planets, being cruel, crude, annoying, bureaucratic, and not lifting a finger to save their grandmothers from the ravenous bugblatter beats of Traal.

Danger Assessment: semi-high

Current Bounty Hunters

Species: Human Cyborg (werescorpion)

Normal Fee: $2000

Spaceship: Outlaw Star
Magick Powers: Telekinesis, Telepyrosis

Other Details: Founder

Species: Humanoid, all you need too know

Ship: The SoulDagger
Powers: Superhuman strength and speed

Name: Anthea

Species: genetic remodification

Powers: general magic, shapeshifting and translation,

Ship: Jet Silver

Species: You don't really neeed to know

Normal Fee: changable (depends on my mood).

Have a neat little space ship with a cool cloak. (If you want one I will tell you were you can buy it)

Name:Lt. Lawrence Altamira Motley

Species:Human, to a certain extent

Normal Fee:$400,000

Spaceship:HMS Retribution

Magick Powers:The power of Cryptography

Other Details I should be aware of:Member of Societas Eruditorum


Normal Fee: 2000

Spaceship: anything

Magick Powers: ability to sneak around with out being seen or heard even in broad daylight with no cover.

Other Details I should be aware of: Good with just about any weapon, except for sniper-rifles

Species: Elf

Normal Fee: 2,000

Spaceship: Spider Killer
Magick Powers: none

Other Details I should be aware of: favorite enemy? Were-animals {will be willing to work for half of my regular fee for such cases}


Normal Fee:$150,000,000


Magick Powers:Dark side force powers

Other Details I should be aware of:The Infiltrator has a cloaking device.

Species: Half-Elven (Wereangel)

Normal Fee: 28,000 GP

Spaceship: Excalibur
Magick Powers: A smidge of Telekinisis, a smattering of time-bending.

Other Details I should be aware of: An assassin as the main job, I'm very adept at the dead part of Dead or Alive. Stylish in black, ask about special rates on poisons

U236130 (Click here for more info)

Species: Drow/ werehydra

Normal Fee: More.

Spaceship: The Phantom

Magick Powers: Telekinesis, magical swords, invisibility, were-ness (immune to normal bullets, need silver)

Other Details I should be aware of: Expert swordsman, some matrix-style kung-fu, good archer, assassin, THINGite

Species: Human

Normal Fee: £0-£100,000

Spaceship: I prefer a bus

Magick Powers: Own style of martial arts

Other Details I should be aware of: Is a freelance hitman/bounty hunter and also works for the assassins guild

Name:John Carrigan

Species: enhanced human.

Normal Fee:$15000

Spaceship: Pride of War.

Magick Powers:

Other Details I Should Be Aware of: super strenth from muculature enhancement. cyborg targeting system makes it so I almost never miss.

Species: Human/Weremullet

Normal Fee: $1750

Spaceship: Kalium

Magick Powers:Shapeshifting. Into a fish. Not too impressive really.

Other Details I should be aware of: None you want to know about.

Species: Human

Normal Fee: 2500

Spaceship: The Fastaintit 7000

Magick Powers: none except for bein' one cruel muther

Other Details I should be aware of: rather rough with the target but if ya have to have him alive [sigh] i can manage. likes guns


Normal Fee: expenses (I take pleasure in my work)

Spaceship: commercial cruiseliner

Magick Powers: The ability to influence people to adapting my point of view.

Other Details I should be aware of: specialize in cohersion, inquest, and tracking

Name: alex

Species: human

Normal Fee: cheep

Spaceship: Phoenix Light Freighter with fighter in tow

Magick Powers: none

Other Details I should be aware of: expert mobile suit mech and fighter pilot, excellent marksmen,3rd degre black belt

Name: Damien Yukai

Species: Half-Elf, Half Human

Normal Fee: Depends on who's asking (Women get half off!)

Spaceship:"The SoulDagger"

Magick Powers: I'm a decent sorceror, f I say so myself, plus my scythe is a Hellfire blade

Other Details I should be aware of: I killed Kiro, I mearly intend to take his place.

Name: U236278
Species: Human

Normal Fee: More. No questions.

Spaceship: A1937522 (not there yet, I'm working on that page)

Magick Powers: A1937522

Other Details I should be aware of: A1937522

Name: U210828
Species: Wood Elf/Vampire (wicked combo)

Normal Fee: $15,000 credits

Spaceship: Tallgeese IV,
Magick Powers: Speed Buff, one with nature, necromancy

Other Details I should be aware of: UMMM, I normally work alone but if im with someone its normally ill in charge...(good leader),

Occasionally ill go out and find some food (aka blood)

Species:Homo Sapien

Normal Fee:5000 dollars per heart


Magick Powers:Freezing time, Moving objects, Flying

Other Details I should be aware of:Dustmite infection

Name: :U565352
Species: Bio Mechaniod (Originally Human)

Normal Fee: Ask and See

Spaceship: See My Personal Space
Magick Powers: simple stuff, mechanical limbs re-grow

Other Details I should be aware of: Speed, Accuracy and Thought like a lifeform, yet all the power of a machine

Name: U236276
Species: Human

Normal Fee: More. No questions.

Spaceship: (not there yet, I'm working on that page)
Magick Powers: ... spells.
Other Details I should be aware of: A2111617.

Name: U576757
Species: Human, female.

Normal Fee: A pound of flesh taken from closest the heart or 100 platinum coins, whichever is easier to obtain.

Spaceship: None, as a sorceress I have other means of conveying myself from point to point.

Magick Powers: Various...I specialise in the Dark Arts, Demonology, Divination and Elemental Magick.

Other Details I should be aware of: Does being cursed to serve a demon prince and subsequently turning against and controlling him count?

Name: U1149902
Species: Quad horn fire dragons

Normal Fee:200 zenatons

Spaceship: Deathcruiser 500

Magick Powers: Mind controling powers

Other Details I should be aware of: I like chocolate*


Normal Fee:£500 - £1000

Spaceship:a flying cheese

Magick Powers:able to morph myself into things and also able to morph living things and objects into anything

Other Details I should be aware of:i like my sleep, i can morph into anything even a piece of cheese

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