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The VF-19S is Mystrunner's heavily modified private Mecha.




8550 kg. when empty. Maximum takeoff weight in an atmosphere is 38,386 kg, and maximum weight in space with optional fold booster is 47,180 kg.


  • 120 mph2, in soldier mode.
  • Mach One3 in gerwalk mode. The VF-19 is also able to hover stationary.
  • Mach 24+ 4 max speed in fighter mode. Cruising speed is usually Mach 1.8 (1206 mph/1837 kmph). The YF-19 is capable of achieving orbital velocity over an Earth-class planet without additional rocket assistance. Maximum rate of ascent is 65,000 meters/minute. Structural G limits are +31.0 to -18.5 Earth gravities.

Power Plant:

Two 72,500 kg Pratt And Whitney/Rolls Royce FF-2550F thermonuclear turbine engines in VF-19A and VF-19F versions, designed for dual atmosphere/space use with optional concealed air intakes for use in an Earth-type atmosphere. VF-19S version equipped with two 78,950 kg FF-2550J engines. Two 2-dimensional independentent convergent/divergent exhaust vents mounted on engines for greater maneuverability and V/STOL performance. In addition, several Pratt And Whitney HMM-7 high-maneuverability vernier thrusters are mounted on the wingtips, vertical stabilizers, nose, and other key locations for added performance. This allows for unearthly maneuvers, such that most planes could never acheive, such as a reverse spiraling nosedive.


Mauler REB-30G Anti-Aircraft Pulse Laser

The VF-19 mounts a single pulse laser for use in air combat skirmishes and for defensive purposes. The laser is mounted on the head of the mecha in soldier mode, and is located in the central dorsal section of the main body pointed rearward in fighter and gerwalk modes. The laser can only fire to the REAR of the fighter in these modes; it cannot be turned to fire along another arc.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-aircraft
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-missile/defensive
  • Range: 4000 feet5

Howad GU-15 External Gun Pod

The main weapon of the VF-19 is the GU-15 Gun Pod produced by Hell And Heavy Weapons Industries. The gun pod is mounted on a special hardpoint below the Excalibur in fighter mode, and is hand-held in gerwalk and soldier modes. Unlike the gun pods used by the original VF-1 Valkyrie, the GU-15 uses clips of ammo instead of a self-contained supply in the barrel of the gun. Two spare clips for the GU-15 are mounted on the back of the VF-19's bulletproof shield.

  • Primary Purpose: Assault
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-Mecha
  • Range: 4000 feet6

BIFORS All-Environment High-Maneuverability Mini-Missile Clusters

The legs of the VF-19 are equipped with two concealed missile launcher bays, that can each hold up to 24 new high-maneuverability mini-missiles from Bifors in each bay. When armed, the missile launcher assembly rises out of the leg units, allowing all 24 missiles to be fired at once if necessary. The missiles can be fired in any mode; fighter, gerwalk, or soldier. Any type of mini-missile can be used in the launchers, but usually only the Bifors high-maneuverability mini-missiles are used.

  • Primary Purpose: Assault
  • Range: 1 Mile 7
  • Payload: 24 missiles per launcher; 48 total.

Other Systems

Howard PBS-03F Pin-Point Barrier System

The YF-19 is equipped with a new mecha-scale pinpoint barrier system for defense. The system can generate a single pinpoint barrier that can be moved anywhere on the mecha and used as a shield against incoming attacks. The barrier can be up to 10 ft 8 in diameter.

Active Stealth System

Unlike passive stealth systems, the VF-19's stealth system actually bends radar waves around the mecha rather than reflecting them.

Combat Computer

The VF-19 is equipped with an advanced AI combat computer that can store and analyze data during combat with hostile forces. Data collected by the combat computer can be displayed on the virtual environment cockpit of the mecha, which allows the system to display large amounts of data to the pilot and even highlight enemies and missile attacks with overlaid graphics. The combat computer tracks and identifies specific enemy targets, and has a database of over 15,000 images stored in memory. The computer can identify and track up to 400 targets simultaneously.

Virtual Environment Cockpit

The VF-19 is equipped with an innovative new cockpit layout that provides monitors below and around the pilot in addition to the HUD cockpit dome. In flight, these monitors display what is below and behind the aircraft, giving the pilot a tremendous field of view that is unparalled by any other aircraft, making the pilot seem to be in a glass shell. This wide view in addition to the combat computer's cockpit overlays give the VF-19 a immense advantage over standard hud-operated fighters.

115.48 m2192 kmph.3670 mph/1072 kmph416,080 mph/24,494 kmph51200 m.61200 m71.6 km83 m

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