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A-levels done, page being worked on, just like I said

About me you say?

I'm currently in the gap between 6th form and university with, at the moment, no idea of what to do for the next few months. As a consequence, my h2g2 usage may be picking up again soon.

I've just finished studying the marvellous choice of subjects which is Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Maths to A-level, and will, I hope, being doing more Chemistry next year. Rinky-Dink Links

While on h2g2 I spend my time around a variety of pages and am a member of so many organisations that even I have lost track.

The more rebellious of you may wish to check out the Thingites, a group dedicated to changing the names of the days of the week to a more (or rather less) sensible set of words. There are so many of them now that joining almost makes you a conformist but still, a rebellion is a rebellion.

The more rebellious rebels may wish to have a quick look at the Sporkites and the Thingite +1 (+1 ites) organisations.In my (not so) humble (and, in fact, biased) opinion the +1 ites are the superior organisation. There are three primary reasons for this:
1. The sporkites took about a month to recognise my application
2. The +1 ites stood up to the might of the Thingites
3. The +1 ites were founded by me

The United Bedroom Confederacy are the ones to join if you want independance from the fascist oppression of whichever country you currently live in. Declare your bedroom (or flat or dorm or any other place of choice) a republic and become exempt from the laws/ taxes of you current country.
Disclaimer: The UBC are not currently recognised by any country and so it may be wise for you to carry on paying any taxes or obeying any laws which you are currently obliged to obey.

The Terranic Army are another of the fairly insane organisations of which I am a member. They've been reorganised twice this year and so even I have no idea what's going on (and I'm a Captain).

If you're having trouble getting on with revision and instead spend time doing other things such as being on h2g2 then check out the Revision Support Group. This isn't exactly so useful at the moment but I'm leaving it here until next summer otherwise I'll forget about it.

Need help with Guide ML, check out the GuideML Clinic and the Marquee Page

If you want to be a werebeastie then go ahead. I didsmiley - WerebeastiesWerekitty the werekittyNevermore the WerehumanCatwoman the original H2G2 Werecat - a freak of un-natureSt. Jon Quixote the werewhitetigerPhoniex the weresnowleopardRalph the Wonder Llama, the were-Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of TraalMystrunner the wereangelSchrodinger's Cat Flap the weresiamesecatNarapoia the WerelemurReefgirl the WerevixenFlying Betty the WeredragonAries the WerewolfDragantha the Werehuman (normally a dragon)DrunkenDeath the Weresnake (literally legless)Gangorlas the White the WerewolfcatMadpea the WereelvenwingedcatarooCraxus the Werebalrog (pround owner of a Nazgul)Archaris the WerephoenixHis Divine Shadow the WerewookieMombassa the WerethunderbirdPantherlady the WerepantherLimitless the WerelionMetroid the WeremetroidHappysuggs the burgundy WerehedgehogMullet the Weremullet (a kind of fish)The Average Joe the WeregorillaHeavyasMetal the WerewolfSerephina the WereleopardHelelou2 the WereferretDr. Anthea the WerekittenGaia the Weresphinxcrazyhorse the WerelionbullWøñkø †hë {Îñ}§åñë the WerehydraCael the WerepantherGet the Code for this list Become a werebeast yourself This link is only here because I think the title is the ultimate oxymoron. It's the Perfect Pot Noodle.

Something for those of you interested in Physics: The Inductrack System.

This is here because the last time I checked I was on it.

I think this is quite interesting but then again I think Stephen Hawking is interesting so what do I know: NationStates, insane political fun.

This link is here because I had nothing better to do than put in links while I waited for the movies on Jib Jab to load.

The ManThe Llama
I am a Member of the Ralph the Wonder Llama Fanclub: Ralphites1) Werekitty2) Odo3) Lou4) Anthea5) Mullet6) Rag Doll7) paul1974Become a ralphite

AS Land I've found out that we don't have any Maths courseworksmiley -


Here is the pointless and random stuff about me and it is where things like my lightsaber go. If you want a Lightsaber then ask Ralph the Wonder Llama

I am left handed

I am frighteningly lazy

This is the second time I typed this due to my internet connection cutting out on me just before I clicked update last time.

I am fairly "swish" with HTML but my GuideML skills aren't that great, hence the sparseness of the page. I mainly learn what I can scavenge since I can't be bothered to sit through the whole thing on the GuideML Clinic due to the fact that I am frighteningly lazy.

I am working on my 42ism but it will probably take me a while

I have been skiing since I was very small and as such am some form of skiing god (I wish)

My full name is as follows:
Captain Mullet smiley - smiley - - Head of Aqua Taskforcesmiley - smiley - smiley - (Terranic Army T'n'C Regimentsmiley - ); Keeper of the Periodic Table, the Simpsons, Palladium and Thought Itself; Thingite no.278, Protector of the Palladium Spork and Master of Pi; Supreme Leader of the +1 ites; WereMullet

Here is my Lightsaber. Pretty snazzy don't you think?

Look closely and though shalt see the stripes.

Oh, by the way,I play bass.

Version: 3.12
GS d-(pu) s+: a--- C+ W++ W(+) O? M- V? PS+ PE-- Y? PGP?
t(+) 5? !X R tv+ b+++(+) DI? D++ G e(*) h! r y(-)

Flying Hedgehogs

This is where the Flying Hedgehogs would be if such a thing existed.

You can, however, fly a hedgehog/email my way at [email protected].


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