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My loving brother Haldir "Herald of Galadriel," was murdered at the battle for Helm's Deep. I will be his avenger. Every orc that still breaths shall feal my wrath!

A squonk's tear

I am a elf just like my brother. I have a immortal life, a life of roaming the world's learning the ways of different peoples cultures and governments. I have faught aside the greatest of leaders of elves, men, and dwarves a like. I am alone without my brother.

I have spent years learning the ways to be stealthy, deadly, and upmost revengful. I was hired by a unknown military company to "take targets out." As I did they paid me a hefty fortune. I am no longer known. My name is feared by many.

I am the assassin.

Quests Under Development:

  • H2G2 Online AdventuresMy little quest i am spending massive amounts of time to make up to a nice degree.
  • Battle of the 5 Interstellar Empires.HDS and I have started a massive 'Risk' type campaign into a RPG Sci-Fi adventure. Where you can choose 1 of 5 empires to join and battle for territory while defending yourself.
  • Gundam Wing AdventuresI have always enjoyed Gundam Wing...It is a great show / anime, so I have decided to start making it into a quest fun thing.
  • Babylon 5 AdventuresOne of the best Sci-Fi's there are, Babylon 5. I decided to start making a quest/adventure based on the show Babylon 5. I am still in development of it but its hopefully going to go smoothly.
  • StarCraft AdventuresStarCraft, one of the best games ever made for its time...It's still a hit game even today. I have taken the game basic design and made it so you can play a normal character in the game.

The ships I have designed:

My personal own flagship. It is here in Starship: Asgard

I also designed my own personal mobile suit Tallgeese IV

I designed a star ship to go with fighting Jedi. Legend of the Sith

A spaceship passing in front of a red planet

The transport ship used by Jedi Master Craxus North Star

All the ships I have ever created are here at Ships Page

Check it out, My Movies

~~~Join The Stargate Comand!~~~~~~~~~Join the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE DUEL OF THE FATES!~~~~~


My favorite character in the whole wide world.Drizzt Do'Urden.


  • Vampire
  • The One
  • Super Saiyan
  • Goa'uld Ashrak
  • Jedi
  • Nightcrawler
  • Elven Prince
  • Terran Ghost
  • Worm Hybrid

Favorite Weapons:

  • Duel Elvish Khukuri's
  • Tribarrel Handgun
  • 2 Yellow Lightsabre's
  • Nanotech Lazer Sniper Rifle
  • Runeblade
  • Glamdring
  • Hadhifang (Brother sword to Arwen's Hadhafang)
  • 2 Hellsing 35kg. Handgun - 13mm Silver-Tipped Shells


Think Splinter Cell but with a black cloak, also elvish looking like a cross breed between Haldir and Legolas (with red streaks in my hair.) Black Elvish Enchanted Imperial Plasteel (nanotech regenerative).

Description of Craxus "as Alucard"

Craxus is seen with his trademark hat: a vibrant, blood-red, wide-brimmed creature that makes his silhouette seem almost scarecrow-like. Bands of lighter colored material encircle around the base of the hat, fastened by fabric covered buttons. His hair is jet black, medium length, more short than long. It seems that his hair length actually changes dependant on scene and situation. Craxus wears heavy brown/black boots that extend up his lower leg, ending around his knee. His dress is reminiscent of a 17th century European nobleman's attire. Black, white, and red are his colors. A white dress shirt is fastened at the collar by an old-fashioned tie fashioned from blood-red material. Over the shirt is a rather nondescript, close-fitting black jacket coupled with matching black pants. Adding a final touch is his long red trenchcoat, which falls to his ankles. His hands are always covered by his trademark white gloves. They appear to be thick, most likely made of cloth. On the back of each glove, Alucard's symbol, a decorative pentagram, is inscribed. The inscription reads: "Hellsing - Hell's Gate arrested - Gott Mit Uns (God With Us) - And shine heaven now." Craxus wears a pair of red/orange tinted sunglasses. And, of course, his mouth is home to his fangs. Too his side are two waist holsters, on the right is a double barrel sawed off shotgun. Too his left is a semi auto tommy gun. He also carries two chest holsters, for the 2 Hellsing 35kg. Handgun - 13mm Silver-Tipped Shells.


  • Jack Port (plug in my neck used for internet)
  • increased strength
  • natural regenerative increase
  • vision(infrared, nightvision)
  • Reflex Adapters
  • Advanced Targeting Systems

Force Skills:

  • lighter feet
  • fast run
  • force push/pull,
  • lightsabre mastery
  • jump

Job Skills:

  • master hacker
  • past jedi
  • sub military operative
  • hired mercenary
  • elvish assassin
  • 1 of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. I represent Conquest
  • Warrior for the Weirding Way
  • Commander of the Stargate Command


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Check out my stories!

Here is a story about me as a Sith Lord taking back an ancient sith technology to aid me against the Jedi. Craxus and the Ancient Sith Technology

My 2nd story is the begining of the life of Craxus. Craxus Nec'roys life at the Begining

My 3rd story is about a lone Captain in the far future. Fighting aliens in the space. Captain Craxus in Earth and Beyond.

My 4th story is one, where Craxus was captured by an evil governtment agent. Craxus has to escape in, Craxus and the High Secruity Hospital

My 5th story is about the history of how the Jedi Master/Sith Master Craxus came to be in The History of Master Craxus

My 6th story, The Demonic Twins is a Star Wars story between a Zabrak and Trandoshen.

My 7th story, History of the Magicians Guild. I wrote a history for my adventure / quest thing. It's cool :)

My 8th story, Sam "Knuckles O’Rourke. This story is about a hitman hired to kill someone who stole something that didn't belong to him.

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I am the owner of Alpha Corporation. This corporation is fully functional with state of the art technology. We do cloning and genetic enchanments. If you wish for some of these enchanments go to A925265

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In The Name of God,

Impure Souls of The Living Dead

Shall Be Banished

Into Eternal Damnation.


If you wish to join the hunt go toA927047

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If you want to email for any reason to talk about H2G2. Email me at [email protected]

"Ash Nazg Durbatuluk, Ash, Nazg Gimbatul, Ash Nazg Thrakuluk, Agh Burzumishi Krimpatul.

"One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them, One ring to bring them all, And in the darkness bind them."


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