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  • Name: Wøñkø †hë {Îñ}§åñë
  • Danger Assessment: Extremely, Incredibly, Unbelievably High
  • Weaponry:
    • Human Form: (Current primary weapon is in bold, secondary in italics)
      • MPMAR1
      • Shieldbreaker
      • Monofilament Whip
      • Molecular Knife
      • Blackstar Terminator Sniper Rifle
      • Dial-a-gun
      • Elemental Scepter (Various)
      • Imperial Flamelance
      • 2 Flaming Swords- Inferno and Hellrazor
      • Grenades
      • Sleep-gas Canisters
      • Poisoned Throwing smiley - sporks
      • Whip
      • 2 1-hand Submachine Guns
      • Shard
    • Hydra Form:
      • Giant Rocket Launcher Mechanism (144 Rockets, 24/sec)
      • 15 Regenerateable Heads (Bite)
      • 15 Machine Gun Helmets
    • Vehicle- The Phantom:
      • 4 Missile Launchers
      • 120 Missiles
      • 4 Plasma Bolt Machine Guns
      • 4 360-Degree Rotateable Laser Cannons
      • 3 Kamakaze Mini-droids
      • Antigrav Rifle
  • Equipment:
    • Human Form:
      • X-Ray, Night, and IR Vision Military Goggles
      • Comm Helmet
      • Flexible Mirrored Titanium-Alloy Full-body Armor
      • Grappling Hook
      • Mithril Coat (alternate armor)
      • Nanite-regenerating Shield
      • Tasp
      • Alabaster Night Vision Goggles
      • Goo Intensifier Sprays
    • Hydra Form:
      • Flexible Mirrored Titanium-Alloy Full-body Armor
      • 15 X-Ray, Night, and IR Vision Specialize Lenses
    • Vehicle- The Phantom:
      • Cloaking
      • Plasma-Injection Thrusters
      • Plasma-Vapor Shielding
      • Atmospheric Hovering Thrusters
      • Quantom-Distortion Hyperdrive
      • Radar Jammer
      • Mirrored Armor
      • 8 Plasma Energy Pods
      • Short-Range Teleporter
      • Escape Pod
  • Abilities: (not yet typed)
    • Human Form:

    Groups/Clubs/Guilds I am part of, in order of allegiance.

    Subject to changesmiley - winkeyesmiley - winkeye...

    Thingites  smiley - spork
    Assassin's GuildCommodore3rdsmiley - ghost
    Terranic ArmyLieutenant[smiley - earth] [smiley - grrsmiley - earth]
    Sporkites  smiley - spork
    MotMV  smiley - tomato
    Thieves' Guild  smiley - thief
    Bounty Hunter   
    Wonko Inc.CE21st 
    Jedi AcademyPadawan(Sakri Go'mem)


    GodDreamsShadow Council
    H2G2 Spy SocietyAssassin, CryptologistCell 2
    1Multi-purpose Military Assault Rifle, contains Plasma Bolt machine Gun, Snper Rifle, Stun Gun, Tranquilizers, Grappling hook, Mini-Rocket Launcher, Nerve Gas sprayer, Flamethrower... to name a few.2Corporate Executioner

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