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Greeting to all the lost souls out there. We here at the Church of Weekendism welcome you.

The Holy Triad - The Three High Priests of Weekendism

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Me, Myself, and I (not actually on h2g2 and taking a vow of silence)


Information on the Church Of Weekendism

Weekendism is a religion devoted to the worship of the two holiest days of the week: Saturday and Sunday. Most of all, it is the desire to banish the worst of all demons, the one known as WORK. There are two major rules for this church:

The Two Commandments Of Weekendism 1. Avoid work at all costs.

2. If you must do work, put as little effort as possible into it. These are the ways to achieve spiritual purity.

Religious Holidays

No religion is without it's holidays, and Weekendism is no exception. The two most important days are, of course, Saturday and Sunday. Nothing approaching work should even be contemplated on these days. But there are more holidays, and you may (no, must) use these as an excuse to get out of school/work/other:

Monday - Mourning Day: Where one mourns the passing of a weekend. It is customary to sleep until at least noon to commemerate this event.

Tuesday - Preperation for Holy Day: Where one mentally and spiritually prepares for Holy Day.

Wednesday - Holy Day: Where one holds a giant party, to ward off the evils of the surrounding work week. This must be a grand celebration in order to justify taking Tuesday off.

Thursday - Preparation for Celebration Day: Where one mentally and spiritually prepares for Celebration Day.

Friday - Celebration Day: Where one commemerates and celebrates the rebirth of the weekend and the death of the week.

Religious Organization

There is no higher being than the Weekend. We must all obey it's commands. Of course, it considers making commands to be too much work, so we lucked out there. Below the Weekend is the Holy Triad, consisting of three High Priests. They make all of the commands and directives for members of Weekendism. The politics are unique, and have been described as a Quasi-democratic Triangular Dictatorship1 which ensures that they are very ineffective. So, if you are a member of Weekendism, you can do pretty much whatever you want.

Other Sites

The High Priest cRaig has uncovered more information from the Book of Weekendism. Go here for more information on the Enemies of Weekendism.

Goshoogoshoogosh finally got around to establishing the The H2G2 Procrastinator's Society. Join today...or maybe tommorow...or whenever you have the time.

Sporky has collected a gathering of Lazy B******s (which is quite a task considering their tendency not to move except in extreme cases). I know some members of this group are Lazy B******s at heart.

Membership Requirements

The only requirement is that you dedicate your life to abolishing work. You may practice any other religions you wish (such as The Church of the True Brownie) without interfering with us. To join, drop us a line in this forum.

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1In layman's terms, this means that the three High Priests vote democratically, but they each have veto power over one other Priest, and each have opposing viewpoints.

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