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Welcome to Wonko Inc.!smiley - run

This is Wonko Incorporated®!

We have anything and everything!

We have1 a gigantic selection of products. And... we bought out ACME!2

Primary offices located in the Majestic City


Allied/Other Corporations/Organizations


The Employees of Wonko Inc.Wonko- CE (Corporate Executioner)KleopatraAK Nonexistant- Customer Service OperatorCrazyhorse- Grand EmbezzlerTraveller in Time- Professional Wiflanner SellerBob McBob- Global Ethical ConsultantBicycle Repairman- Bicycle RepairerSpectre- The competition taker-outer, convincer of higher prices to customersaurojit- Consultant on Panda AffairsKhamsin- Bicycle Deliveryman

You wanna be hired...?

If you are an employee, you can design your own products or line of the business and they'll be put on this page!

Leave you chosen name and position and we'll get back to you shortly!

Customer Services

It's New... It's Nifty... It's Spiffy... It's the new, Nifty, Spiffy, Badge!

That's right! I made a badge! on cue, please. *gives cue* Thank you, thank you. Change the smiley to whatever you like, it represents an employee photo.

   smiley - cool   
Employee of------------
------------Wonko Inc.®
Guaranteed to assist you with all
your needs!

<TABLE CELLPADDING="2" CELLSPACING="0" STYLE="border-collapse:0;border-style:outset;" BGCOLOR="DDDDDD" BORDER="3" BORDERCOLOR="#990000">
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<SMILEY TYPE="cool"/>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<TD WIDTH="80%" ROWSPAN="2" HEIGHT="67%">
<FONT COLOR="990000" SIZE="4"><B>Employee of------------<BR/>------------<LINK H2G2="A1153973"><FONT COLOR="FF0000">Wonko Inc.<SUP>&reg;</SUP></FONT></LINK></B></FONT>
<TD WIDTH="80%" ROWSPAN="2" HEIGHT="33%">
<CENTER><FONT COLOR="990000">Guaranteed&nbsp;to&nbsp;assist&nbsp;you&nbsp;with&nbsp;all<BR/>your needs!</FONT></CENTER></TD></TR>
1Or will have2Any insight on what that is an acronym for will be appreciated... Alternative Commercial Merchandise Enterprise?3Some of these items will soon have links...and there will be more.

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