The Terranic Army

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For the Freedom of SEP's.For freedom and SEP's everywhere...

Now Taking on new members

##Go to the desk sergeant, give him your details, and we'll get you kitted out##

Army Motto:

"For the prevention of cruelty to SEP's and the freedom to believe the unbelievable"

The Field-Marshall's Introduction

Alright you lot, listen up. Anyone can join this army so, what ya waitin' for? Go to the Signing in room and Sign up!

Also : Join the Boot Camp

106 Proud Members of the Terranic Army

Head of Base

Lord Admiral Field-Marshall Ingnatious Tiberius Augustus Terran

The Notice Board

The Reinstatement of Field-Marshal Terran

After a prolonged period of absence as leader of the Terranic Army, Lord Admiral Field-Marshal Ignatious Tiberius Augustus Terran has resumed command. It is believed he was first sighted on a horse riding in, rumoured to have returned from fighting an army with nothing but an egg whisk, a potato peeler and his wits. But as we only have his word to go on this is open to interpretation. He has already set himself to the task of redeveloping the Terranic Army, and waking its many sleeping members.


smiley - modAmbassador Jodan

The Regiments

Regiment name: The Eorlingas Regimentsmiley - pony

Regiment name: The Gazpacho Regimentsmiley - grr


Regiment name: Tooth 'n' Claw Regimentsmiley - cat

Regiment name: Timelord Regiment

The Base

Welcome to the Terranic Army Base, here are the places on site:

Terranic Awards

  • The Woolf Award - Has recruited 5 or more members = smiley - earthsmiley - fullmoon
  • The Terranic Star - for bravery in battle = smiley - starsmiley - earth
  • The Medical Prowess Award - For services to the Army in the Hospital = smiley - planetsmiley - nurse
  • Regimental Emblems

    Active Regiments

  • The Base Regiment - smiley - ale
  • The Gazpacho Regiment - smiley - grr
  • The Tooth 'N' Claw Regiment - smiley - cat
  • The Eorlingas Regiment - smiley - pony
  • The Smegged Off Regiment - smiley - online2long
  • Former Regiments

  • The Smeg Regiment - smiley - ghost
  • The Towel Regiment - smiley - towel
  • The Nightblade Regiment - smiley - dragon
  • Rank Symbols

  • Father - smiley - angel
  • Civilian - smiley - mod
  • Private
  • Lance-Corporal - smiley - crescentmoon
  • Corporal - smiley - crescentmoonsmiley - crescentmoon
  • Sergeant - smiley - crescentmoonsmiley - crescentmoonsmiley - crescentmoon
  • Staff Sergeant - smiley - crescentmoonsmiley - crescentmoonsmiley - crescentmoonsmiley - moon
  • Second Lieutenant - smiley - star
  • (First) Lieutenant - smiley - starsmiley - star
  • Captain - smiley - starsmiley - starsmiley - star
  • Major - smiley - moon
  • Lieutenant Colonel - smiley - moonsmiley - star
  • Colonel - smiley - moonsmiley - starsmiley - star
  • Brigadeer - smiley - moonsmiley - starsmiley - starsmiley - star
  • Major-General - smiley - sporksmiley - star
  • Lieutenant-General - smiley - sporksmiley - moon
  • General - smiley - sporksmiley - starsmiley - moon
  • Field-Marshal - smiley - redwinesmiley - discosmiley - redwine
  • Links

    And here is a link to the World War Battlefield

    Vogon's Attack thread

    Terranic Army Rules & Regulations

    Join the Terranic Army Band, lead by Tubaman

    Here is a Link to our (now very out of date) Alliance Page with the Potato Army. We are also allianced with the h2g2 Knights.

    Here is a Link to the Weapons Development page, run by Spook Corp.

    Terrania. This is the home for the Terranic Army, and a lot of other things. Why not go there and become a citizen.

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