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A tigerWelcome to the forest-like barracks of the TnC's - Werekitty's regiment of the great Terranic Army - hence our emblem being smiley - (thats cat in smiley brackets). And especially welcome if you aint a werebeastie... particularly if you're young and tender. If you aint in the Terranic Army join up here

The barracks here aren't quite what you'd expect. For a start it looks more like a jungle with a lake than a barrack... and on top of that there are some large animals lounging around. This is fairly unusual but what REALLY gets you is that some of them seem to be curling up around AK47s.

At the centre of these baracks lies a lake To the North of this lake is the Canteen and to the South is the extremely fun Testing Ground. To the East of the lake are the beds and personal areas, and to the West (downwind) is the Dragon Ranch for our handlers and the armoury. Just set up your own tent by starting a new convo. Feel free to join one already made, and if you're not friends that just adds to the fun.

All the soldiers here are animals - and not just in the literal sense. Well part animal anyway... this elite force is required to take on an animal form to aid them in fighting, and which animal is taken on depends on which taskforce they join...

In my regiment and after a promotion? Ask for one!!

Rank Symbols

  • Father - smiley - angel
  • Civilian - smiley - mod
  • Private - smiley - crescentmoon
  • Corporal - smiley - moon
  • Sergeant - smiley - moonsmiley - moon
  • Sergeant Major - smiley - mars
  • Lieutenant - smiley - earth
  • Captain - smiley - earthsmiley - mars
  • Major - smiley - earthsmiley - earth
  • - This is the highest I can promote you.

  • Colonel - smiley - star
  • Brigadeer - smiley - starsmiley - star
  • General - smiley - bluefish
  • Field-Marshall - smiley - orangefish

  • Current Ranks

    Drop down list for quick reference:
    TnC MembersBrigadeer WerekittyMajor Gangorlas (H)Captain Bishop Odo (C)Captain Mullet (W)Captain Deus Ex Machina (A)Captain Thamian (N)Sergeant Major Cael (N)Sergeant Ragdoll(Moral officer)(S)Corporal Hussassan (I)Corporal ED-E42JPM (S)Corporal Rachael (S)Corporal Eóin (I)Private Darkwin (S)Private Allan (S)Private Average Joe (S)Private Aries (S)Private Siphonaptera (S)Private SerjTankian (I)Get the Code for this list TnC home page

    Soldiers (S)

    The default for all newcomers. All creatures are welcome here. Even pure humans.


  • Sergeant Ragdoll(Moral officer)
  • Corporal ED-E42JPM
  • Corporal Rachael
  • Private Darkwin
  • Private Allan
  • Private Average Joe
  • Private Aries
  • Private Siphonaptera

  • Fighters - The Heavy Taskforce (H)

    A bison

    This lot take the form of large and deadly beasts; wolves, big cats, even velociraptors.

    Heavy Taskforce Members:

  • Head of the Heavies - Major Gangorlas the Werecat/wolf

  • Infiltration (I)

    Asian Longhorned Beetle

    Danger for those who live on the wildside. Delivering poison, bribes, explosives, and bugs into the heart of enemy territory.

    The province of the smallest of creatures; mice, meercats, rats and insects.

    Infiltration Taskforce members:

  • Corporal Hussassan the Werescorpion
  • Corporal Eóin
  • Private SerjTankian AKA Spider

  • Aerial Taskforce (A)

    A barn owl

    For those who can fly... The aerial taskforce deal with air raids, dropping bombs/ supplies, helping infiltration (paraforce) and scouting.

    Aerial Taskforce members:

  • Head of the Aerials - Captain Deus Ex Machina

  • Aqua Taskforce (W)

    An Ichthyosaur.

    For those that can swim; fish, otters, penguins, frogs, dolphins

    Aqua Taskforce members:

  • Head of the Aqua's - Captain Mullet the Weremullet (a kind of fish)

  • Night Ops (N)

    A wolf

    For those that can see in the dark: Nocturnal, quiet beasts.

    Night Ops Taskforce members:

  • Head of Night Ops - Captian Thamian - Chief Armourer
  • Sergeant Major Cael the Werepanther

  • Predator Handling/ Care of Wild Beasties (C)

    A Resident

    For those who are good with animals. And preferably flame retardant as well. If you require one feel free to go to the Dragon Ranch out the back.


  • Chief Handler: Captain Bishop Odo

  • Beasts of Shadow

    And beasts of day

    Eaters of plants

    and creatures of prey

    Even Though you be but small

    Strong or weak, young, old and tall

    May you ever be hard of jaw and
    Fight ye well with Tooth n Claw

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