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smiley - bleepsmiley - bleepsmiley - bleepsmiley - bleepsmiley - bleepsmiley - bleepsmiley - bleepsmiley - bleepsmiley - bleep Hello all. Welcome to my little, seldom updated, mostly neglected page. Let's see.... Well, for those of you who'd like to know a bit about me, I live the U.S. But, don't hold that against me. smiley - winkeye The state of Florida, if you want me to be more specific. That's more-or-less why I'm the Patron Saint of Tacky Tourist Sounveirs. The other reason is because the partonage of the easily amused was already taken. Anyway, other than being a fan the Hitchhiker's Guide books, I'm also a fan of the Discworld books, Vampire Chronicles, Stainless Steel Rat, H.P. Lovecraft, Neil Gaiman's works (Sandman is GENIUS!), and so forth. I just got into Frank Herbert's Dune universe. It's a mind bogglingly outstanding work! I even love BOTH movies! Let's see, what other stuff do I like... Well, I like quite a lot of different kinds of music. The music I do like pretty much varies with my mood. If you asked me for my favorite band one day, you'd get a different answer the next day. I also tend to like The Cure, Royal Crown Revue, Dropkick Murphys... You get the idea. Also I'm into movies a bit. I really don't even know where to start listing those. I love WWII movies, Japanese movies (Love that Akira Kurosawa!), Hong Kong Action movies, a few comedies, cult movies (The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Buckaroo Banzai: Across the Eighth Dimension! Woohoo!), the list goes on. Anyway, right now, I'm employed as a laboratory technician (MADsmiley - scientist) at the local community college in my area. I'm the guy who actually dilutes your acids to usable concentrations and mixes up all of your experimental reagents and makes sure your petri dishes get incubated at the right temperature. If you've ever taken a chem or bio lab, you'll know what I mean. And, for gods' sakes, all of you at Uni, be nice to your lab tech and don't leave a big mess in the sink! smiley - grr I oughta found a "be nice to your lab tech society..." Hehehe. smiley - biggrin Well, that's about it for now.... If I think up anything more interesting, it'll be right here...smiley - skullsmiley - runsmiley - stoutA computer in a bin

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The Average Joe No One Ever Suspects, Keeper of Groovy-Ass Black Trenchcoats, Patron Saint of Tacky Tourist Souveniers (Wings read "I went to Heaven and all I got were these lousy wings!"), Knight in Pursuit of the True Meaning of Fashonable Tardiness, Thingite Tactical Advisor, Defender/Entertainer of the Ladies of Balwyniti, Zaphodista, smiley - pirate on the Blood, C.H.O.P.P.E.R.S. SuperHero, Official Joe of the Church of the Holy Tail, Were-Gorilla, ex-ACE


Joe (obvious reasons), Meatloaf (I had a mullet at the time.), AJ, The Joeman


23, Born on: November 14, 1980, Scorpio

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Blue/Light Brown




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The Revolution will not be Tele-Tubbied. Zaphodistas A520769.Liberté Egalité Fraternité Insanity

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Feel Free to Contact Me. I promise to at least say Hello. :-)

::[email protected]:: Just be sure to indentify yourself being from H2G2 as I tend to indescriminately delete anything I think is SPAM. You can also AIM me at Joeman6077, of course. smiley - zen ~n°


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