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Osiyo h2g2 Researcher!smiley - biggrin

First a little clarification since more than one person has made this mistake. 'Osiyo' is a Cherokee greeting. It's not a misspelling of the Japanese 'Ohayou' smiley - erm (or however that's spelled).

Let me introduce you to the latest member of the Batty household, my adopted dragon, Pandarus. He's a wonderful pet as long as kept properly calm and sedate, smiley - bigeyes though he does occasionally get rambunctious. As you can imagine though, diva dog still rules here, dragon or no dragon. She's far too old and bossy not to. Don't worry, you'll be just fine as long as you don't tickle him.

Adopted PetPandarus

I currently live in Charlotte NC, smiley - cross but I'm still a New Yorker at heart! I moved here from New York City (that of the Goat Frying Air) and still miss it. Even if it does smell a bit odd.

I've been a researcher on h2g2 since before the times of the BBC (aka pre-Rupert). I'm a member of the Northeastern US Researchers Group AND the Southeastern US Researchers Group (don't ask) on h2g2. Two groups of insane researchers bound together by nothing but general silliness and geography. I'm also a member of the United Friends of h2g2. Definitely a cause worth checking out and joining.

I am an h2g2 ACE (Assistant Community Editor). We welcome newcomers to h2g2 and generally try to assist the overworked and underpaid Italics.

I am the Thingite Medical Examiner. A title that came about during a mystery surrounding the murder of Grey Desk. (Grey Desk is okay now, he apparently only had a 24-hour murder thing.) I used to be the Thingite Adawehi of Nuyagi, but nobody knew what an Adawehi of Nuyagi was and were invariably disappointed when I told them. If you just can't get a handle on Thursdays (or any day for that matter) then embrace Thingism.

I also serve as the Cruise Director aboard h2g2's very own pirate ship, 'The Blood of the Zaphodistas'. They're a sordid bunch, as pirates should be. Basically the whole thing is just a floating party with the key difference being we have weapons. You can see why a Cruise Director would be important. What with arranging the wet kilt contests and making sure the Captain's Quarters aren't totally throttled (or at least making sure I don't get the blame for it).

I'm a member of the h2g2 Vampire Clan, sired by Marjin. If you'd like to join go to the clan's page and click on the smiley - vampire by my name. It's a festive online game of "move and bite" with some great questing for powers and such along the way.

Finally, I am the Keeper of the Holy Tail. This is a title I had BH (Before h2g2) but I went to the Keeper page to claim it here. If you have something that is yours and yours alone then by all means Keep it. Plastic Squirrel started the Church of the Holy Tail for me here. Who would have thought I'd get a church with a synthetic rodent high priest and everything here on 'hootoo'. If you get a chance, stop by the 'CoHT' to pay your respects at the Sacramental Bar.

Oh and did I mention I'm a Born Again Tart? Which fits in well with my position as the Second Priestess of the Temple of smiley - bleep. Of course I'm also a proud member of the Royal H2G2 Procrastinators Society so I may or may not get around to visiting the above links.

Thanks To Dr St Justin my computer now uses it's spare time to help find a cure for cancer. It's a screen saver, similar to the [email protected] project that uses your "spare" processor ability. Join now and don't forget to look up the team called "h2g2team" and join. also has other programs for anthrax or smallpox research and a human proteome folding project you can lend your computer to. To find out more about the h2g2 researchers involved in the [email protected] project, you can go here.

Several people have asked for some of my recipes I have online so here they are.. some of my favorite recipes.. Enjoy!

For Breakfast/Brunch:
Fruited Dutch Baby
For Lunch/Dinner:
Albondigas en Salsa de Chipotle
Paella and Sangria
For Entertaining and Cocktail Parties:
Mediterranean Cheese Bites
Auntie Bat’s Signature Cocktails
And of course something sweet for dessert:
Spice Cookies

I honestly can't think of anything terribly clever to say at this point so I guess I'll have to work on this.Don't forget to visit The Bat's Lair on Yahoo

To be continued

Batty, ACE [16+29+(3!-9)=42]
Keeper of the Holy Tail
Thingite Medical Examiner
Cruise Director aboard 'The Blood of the Zaphodistas'
Second Priestess of the Temple of smiley - bleep
Born Again Tart
Member: United Friends of h2g2
Member: Northeastern US Researchers Group
Member: Southeastern US Researchers Group
Member: Royal H2G2 Procrastinators Society
Member: h2g2 Vampires - Sired by Marjin
IM Contact Info:
* AIM and YIM: batty6842
* MSN: [email protected] (don't email there - I don't check it)
* ICQ: 997160
* Make sure to say you're from h2g2 or I'll probably ignore you. smiley - evilgrin

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