Auntie Bat’s Signature Cocktails

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I'll add to these as I create them. Here are my top three signature cocktails friends and family expect when they come to my home for a dinner party.

(IRL called a ‘Martini Diana’ by my dearest friend, Chris)

1 part Citrus Vodka
Small Splash Dry Vermouth (only if you must)
Large Jalapeno Stuffed Olives
Cocktail Onions
Generous Splash Juice from Olives and Onions

Mix vodka and vermouth (only if you must) in a chilled shaker (1).
Serve in a chilled martini glass with olives and onions.
* The ‘Classic Batini’ is VERY dirty so avoid the vermouth and use the mixed juices of the olives and onions. :-D


Aztec Martini
This is the perfect boozy delight for chocaholics the world round.

1 part Chocolate Vodka
1 part Spiced Ginger Brandy (2)
Crushed Mexican Chocolate (3)

Mix vodka and ginger brandy in equal parts in a chilled shaker (1).
Rim a chilled martini glass with a bit of the vodka then in crushed Mexican Chocolate
* I occasionally add just a tiny sprinkling - go VERY lightly here – of powdered dried chipotle


Jolly Rancher
If you’ve ever had a watermelon ‘Jolly Rancher’ sour candy, this is what this drink tastes like.

1 part Watermelon Vodka
splash Pomegranate Juice
Watermelon Balls

Mix vodka with a splash of juice in a chilled shaker (1).
Serve in a martini glass using watermelon balls in the place of olives.


(1) <whisper> I keep my vodka in the freezer to avoid watering the drink by chilling with ice</>
(2) To make this buy either Ginger Brandy and macerate cinnamon sticks and whole cloves in this on a countertop for at least a week before straining and storing in the freezer. If Ginger Brandy is unavailable then use regular brandy and add chunks of ginger root before macerating, sugar is optional at this point though Ginger Brandy is already sweetened.
(3) If you cannot find Mexican chocolate (common brands are Ibarra and Abuelita) you can mimic it by crushing semi-sweet chocolate together with a bit of ground cinnamon, sugar and (optionally) almonds

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